St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-0-312-54666-3
September 2012
Paranormal Romance

Limbo - Present Day

For seven years Dr. Petra Robichaud has served in a MASH unit in Limbo, patching together the soldiers injured in the war between the gods.  Those mortals drafted to serve in either army are conscripted for the duration of the war, and since the war has already been going on for centuries, Petra doesn't foresee an end to her service.  Her monotonous days of operating on demi-gods and mortals are broken up only by the camp's quest to successfully prank the Colonel in charge.  Then during surgery one day, a soldier is brought in who will change Petra's life.  His very presence captures Petra's interest immediately, and while Commander Galen of Delphi is near death when he reaches the operating room, Petra isn't about to lose him.  When his spirit separates from his body, something pushes Petra to grab for it, and in that electric moment of contact, she manages to get him to hang on long enough to remove the blade he'd been stabbed with.

Unfortunately for Petra, having the ability to see spirits is forbidden, and unless she can convince the commander that nothing unusual happened, it'll be an eternity of rolling a stone up a hill or some such fate.  Of course, her luck can't be that good—not only is Galen sure that something more than a doctor's skills saved him, he's from Delphi, where they take prophecy seriously.  The oracles had said that the war will be ended by a healer with the ability to see spirits, and Galen is sure that Petra is proof that the prophecy has come true.

IMMORTALLY YOURS is an exciting new novel from paranormal author Angie Fox.  Half-Fae Petra is well aware of the dangers her ability poses—her mentor, a doctor with the same ability, disappeared years earlier, and Petra has kept her nature a secret since.  The only person aware of the fact that her mother is Fae was her father, and since leaving Earth behind, she's only told one person.  She's been aware of the prophecy since coming to Limbo, but doesn't believe it has anything to do with her. Galen's insistence that her removing the blade he was stabbed with and grasping his soul is the beginning of the prophecy coming true is enough to distract Petra from the surprising attraction she feels for him.  Most of the time, anyway.

The camp is a blend of mortal and immortal—Petra's two roommates are a vampire and a vegetarian werewolf; the guards are sphinx. One in particular, Jeffe, is friends with Petra; a minor god (without much of a following) is an assistant/messenger, and the Colonel running the camp is a soldier who has been awarded immortality.  The doctors on staff deal with mostly paranormal beings, which isn't exactly new to Petra, who had a paranormal practice back in New Orleans.  After seven years, she's lost hope in things changing or an end to the war, but Galen changes this also.  Fun and interesting characters, along with a sizzling romance balance out the war setting, making IMMORTALLY YOURS a book I highly recommend.

Jennifer Bishop