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Alaskan Nights , Book 1
ISBN: 978-0-451-23521-3
November 2011
Contemporary Romance

Indigo, Alaska – Present Day

After years of fruitless dating, journalist Sloan McKinley is ready for a break, so a trip to Alaska where her best friend Grier is currently embroiled in an estate fight seems like a good idea. Once in Indigo, Sloan learns that Alaska is very cold and that there are lots of single men. A woman's paradise no doubt, highlighted by the town's annual bachelor competition. Women come from all over to win a chance to claim one of the Indigo bachelors. Sloan has no intention of entering, even as she's intrigued by one of the town's bachelors, attorney Walker Montgomery. But when she comes up with an idea to cover the competition in a magazine article, Sloan realizes she just may have to join in. Meanwhile, Sloan continues to assist Grier in her attempts to claim her share of her late father's estate, despite an unhappy half sister and a town who thinks of the two women as interlopers. But Sloan has a charm that is hard to resist.

After seeing how his parents' marriage suffered through the years, Walker isn't planning to walk down the aisle. Plus, with his grandmother being one of the major backers of the bachelor competition, it only makes him even more determined to not participate. Then he meets Sloan, big city socialite and a woman who dares to light his fire. Will he let any of the other men in town claim Sloan as their own hot date for a night? No way in hell! Yet Walker can't bring himself to admit he finds Sloan attractive, even as the passion between them sizzles.

Neither Sloan nor Walker is looking for love and a happily ever after as BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE opens, but soon it's apparent they're made for each other. Sloan has had man after man parade through her life, but no one intrigues her as much as Walker does. Things start off pretty slow between Sloan and Walker, even though one look has them noticing the other. But as much as Sloan and Walker circle the wagons, planning to not get involved, the more they're drawn to each other. Their relationship is hot/cold, yes/no, and not-into-relationships-but-I-want-you-exclusively. When will they realize that they're destined to be together? Or will they need to have some sense knocked into them?

In the midst of Sloan and Walker trying to figure out their relationship are the preparations for the arrival of the bachelorettes and the competition. The supporting characters, from the three elderly ladies who run things to the other men and women of Indigo, help provide plenty of color and humor in BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE. Sloan's friend Grier is trying to fit into town, even as her heart is being put through the ringer by the local airplane pilot, Mick. Their story begins in this book and continues onto COME FLY WITH ME, which comes out in November 2012 per the author's website. You'll be pulled into Grier and Mick's tale, so you know you'll want to read both of them, plus some added teasers for a probable tale involving local girl Avery and hockey heartthrob Roman.

With plenty of humor mixed in with some sizzling sex, BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE proves that you better cuddle up with a hot man and a good book to keep you warm while it's cold outside. Grab this gem of a book before winter settles in too deep.

Patti Fischer
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