WORTH THE WAIT - Lori Foster
Guthrie Brothers , Book 2
Harlequin Books
ISBN: 9780373789672
July 2017
Contemporary Romance

Ohio - Present Day

Hogan Guthrie has mostly moved on from his cheating wife's death, but the whole experience has made him gun shy for anything more than a one night stand. Violet, as much as she may be attracted to Hogan, can't stand his playboy ways. But with mutual friends and a mutual appreciation of BBQ ribs, the two are constantly forced together. Now that Hogan has moved past his different-girl-a-night phase, he's set his eyes on Violet.

Sheriff Nathan is very interested in the new girl in town, and he's especially interested in why she's so nervous around people. Quiet Brooklin really doesn't want to be attracted to her handsome neighbor, but he's sweet and determined, and he's starting to wear her down. Neither of them is too eager to talk about their pasts, but Brooklin might need to divulge her secrets sooner rather than later, before it brings danger to the town.

Like the previous book in the Guthrie Brothers series, WORTH THE WAIT focuses on one couple, Hogan and Violet, but also features a secondary romance—their friends Nathan and Brooklin. Sparks fly between Violet and Hogan, created not just by attraction, but also by the two of them butting heads. Both of these characters are strong willed, and it is definitely entertaining to see the two manage to compromise and work together.

Readers of the first book, DON'T TEMPT ME (July 2016) will be happy to see Nathan get his own happy ending, and Brooklin is the perfect choice. Their game of cat and mouse, with Nathan pursuing her with all the tenacity of a cop, adds a fun element to the story. And even Hogan's son Colt gets his own chance at a happily ever after, or at least a happy-for-now.

WORTH THE WAIT can work perfectly fine as a stand-alone, but don't miss the first book, DON'T TEMPT ME.

Amanda Toth