NO LIMITS – Lori Foster
An Ultimate Novel, Book 1
ISBN: 978-0-373-77904-8
September 2014
Contemporary Romance

Warfield, Ohio – Present Day

Years ago, MMA fighter Cannon Colter had rescued sweet innocent Yvette Sweeny from kidnappers, but when she indicated she wanted to express her thanks in more than just a few words, he turned her down. Shortly afterwards, to avoid being near the tempting Yvette, Cannon left town and joined the SBC fighting organization, where he has become a star. Now he's forced to return to Warfield when Yvette's grandfather dies, and his will specifies that they equally share in the estate. Meeting her once again, he's struck by how mature she has become. Dare Cannon turn their uneasy friendship into more?

Yvette was grateful for Cannon's help in rescuing her and her grandfather from sadistic kidnappers and wanted to show her appreciation, but he turned her down, basically telling her that she was too young for him. She's older—and much wiser—and doesn't plan to fall for his charms while she's in Warfield for the reading of the will. But after learning that they have equal shares in the estate, which includes both the house and pawn shop, she hopes to reopen the business and buy out Cannon. But he turns her down—and tells her he wants to invest his money in the pawn shop…and her life. Suddenly Cannon is letting her know he's interested in her sexually, yet tells her he wants things to develop slowly. Yvette isn't sure what she wants with Cannon, but all that is pushed to the backburner when her ex starts threatening her because she won't take him back. Now Cannon is in protect mode.

It's a new series for Lori Foster but a return to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters for her in NO LIMITS. Readers might remember Yvette and Cannon and what happened to them from DASH OF PERIL. Yvette felt humiliated after Cannon rejected her form of thanks after he rescued her and her grandfather, so she isn't looking forward to seeing him again after all these years. Yet he seems determined to initiate something between them as soon as they set their eyes on one another again. He convinces her that he's only there to make sure she's okay and wants to help out, but there's more…he wants to get to really know the mature Yvette. She initially rejects his advances because she doesn't want to have her heart broken, but he's persistent. Will Cannon end up making love to Yvette, or will she push him away?

Cannon moves in with Yvette despite her protests, leading her to believe he has no place to stay in Warfield. The truth of the matter is he just wants to be close to her so he can make his move to become part of her life. After the threats from her ex, it's a good thing he's there, because when mysterious things start to happen, like a fire, Cannon wonders if someone means to harm Yvette. He'll do whatever it takes—24/7—and even have her in his bed. Can he build on a relationship with her while the trouble swirls around them?

Cannon in NO LIMITS is an ultra alpha male with a heart of gold, while Yvette soon proves how resilient she can be against the threats and going toe-to-toe with Cannon. It's another action-packed adventure from the talented Lori Foster, and readers won't be disappointed in NO LIMITS. The sexual heat is ramped up even as Cannon holds off claiming Yvette in the most intimate of ways, even as he continues to brand her as his to those around them. Their chemistry sizzles, and the suspense of who is behind all the threats will keep you glued to your seat. What you think isn't necessarily the truth. Don't miss the first book in the new Ultimate series, NO LIMITS, coming to a bookstore near you in September.

Patti Fischer