DASH OF PERIL – Lori Foster
ISBN: 978-0-373-77857-7
April 2014
Romantic Suspense

Warfield, Ohio – Present Day

Police Lieutenant Margaret “Margo” Peterson is willing to put herself up as bait in an investigation into a porn movie ring that kidnaps and forces females to appear in them. She might be known as the no-nonsense cop who plays by the book and is determined to rid Warfield of crime, but deep down she is a sexy woman inside waiting to bust out. For Dash Riske, he's fascinated by Margo but sees her as being off limits, partly because she is his brother's boss. But when Margo's car is run off the road, it's a good thing Dash was nearby to rescue her, though now he's determined to protect her, even as she makes plans to set herself at risk in order to nail the bad guys.

Margo won't admit she's attracted to Dash, because something about him leaves her all warm and fuzzy inside, which isn't the tough lady persona she presents. She'd rather have sex without emotions than let a man get to her. Dash is all kinds of trouble—from butting in on her job, to making her want to forget what she's supposed to be doing. Yet Dash is persistent in wanting to be unofficially involved in the investigation seeing as he was there when Margo was attacked that night. She reluctantly agrees—fully aware that it won't be long before they're hitting the sheets. Will they make the mistake of letting their torrid attraction distract them from the job?

With a band of unknown crooks snatching women off the streets and forcing them to perform sex acts for some sleazy porn films, Margo resolves to find them and crack the case wide open. Dash is concerned about her welfare, especially after she is forced off the road and shot at. She wouldn't likely be alive today if he hadn't had the foresight to follow her home that icy night and seen her car being forced off the road. Margo is one independent woman and doesn't appreciate Dash's interference in police matters. In the past, when Margo needed sex, she hooked up with strangers for one-night stands, avoiding a man like Dash who makes her body heat up in a flash. Dash wants to change her pattern—and keep her alive at the same time. He worries that putting herself in danger while she's trying to recover from her injuries isn't safe, so he offers himself up as a pretend lover, which soon turns into reality.

Another topnotch tale from the talented pen of Lori Foster, DASH OF PERIL brings together two minor characters from the Love Undercover series. Dash isn't in the police business, but he's all about protecting those he cares for and isn't afraid to use his hands to get his point across. Margo is a by-the-books police officer appointed lieutenant after a recent police scandal swept out a bunch of bad cops. There is some concern that the criminals have an inside snitch, so Margo is careful about whom to trust, but getting a civilian involved wasn't part of her plans. But Dash is persuasive—especially with his heated kisses and talented hands on her body. Is Margo getting in over in head and into falling for Dash in DASH OF PERIL?

There's plenty of action right from the start in DASH OF PERIL—both in and out of bed—as Dash and Margo battle the bad guys and fight against their mutual attraction. Dash is the kind of guy you'd want fighting on your side, while Margo is the tough chick you'd want running your local police agency. Both are hardnosed, yet perfect for each other. A sensual tale for lovers of hot romance with enough thrills and chills to keep you glued to the pages, I highly recommend that DASH OF PERIL be put right to the top of your reading list.

Patti Fischer