A Perfect 10
Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor, Book 4
ISBN: 978-0-373-77656-6
April 2012
Contemporary Romance

As A PERFECT STORM opens, Arizona Storm has sneaked into Spencer Lark's house and is watching him sleep. While Arizona is twenty-one to his thirty-two years of age, she finds his dark sensuality irresistible, yet she can't act upon her feelings because of her past. She does trust Jackson Savor, the man who rescued her, and his comrades to a certain extent, but after being sold and traded as a teen for sex, beaten and then tossed off a bridge, it's no wonder Arizona is a loner who has learned to survive on her own. She has been snooping around and has uncovered a possible human trafficking group fronted by a nightclub, but she needs assistance in bringing them down. Jackson would forbid her to get involved. With Spencer, she finds someone she can at least reach out to for help, so she contacts him.

Spencer doesn't want to fully admit his attraction for Arizona . She is like the kid sister that must be protected—especially from men like him. He doesn't entirely know her past, but he was there when she was rescued, so he knows she is resilient even after all she has gone through. He wants her, but their age difference and her past give him pause, as does the fact that he doesn't want to get on the bad side of her pseudo big brother Jackson and his friends. Aware that this will be a dangerous mission, Spencer agrees to help, but then he turns around and contacts Jackson 's cohort, Trace. Arizona eventually finds out and is angry, but even she soon realizes that getting the bad guys locked up is what she needs to be concerned with, no matter what. The operation brings her into closer contact with Spencer, and the rising sexual feelings between them can no longer be denied. It won't be if , but when will Spencer and Arizona give into the temptation between them?

After being rescued from her horrific situation, Arizona Storm has somewhat settled down near  her new friends, Jackson Savor, Trace Rivers, Dare Macintosh—and of course, Spencer Lark. We have previously met these men (and Arizona ) in the prior books of the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series (WHEN YOU DARE, TRACE OF FEVER and SAVOR THE DANGER), and now we get Arizona and Spencer's tale. Spencer infuriates Arizona as much as he intrigues her, and she can't stay away from him. Spencer is sexy, mysterious, and attractive to Arizona , yet after everything that she has gone through in her life he treats her carefully, though neither can deny the sparks between them. Arizona is like a wild filly…hard to tame and takes off at the first sign of trouble. But she is still bent on sniffing out the bad guys who operate illegal human trafficking and slavery. Her latest “find” has her itching to take it on by herself, as though it's a way to work through the horrors she once lived.

Spencer is relieved that Arizona trusts him enough to confide in him, yet is pissed that she can even think she could take on these dangerous bad guys by herself. His own painful past has him fearing for her life if he is not there to protect her. Spencer won't let it happen again. When her plan is to infiltrate the nightclub where the operation is run, he wants her to back off and let him and Trace handle it, but she refuses. Yet, with her past history, toughness, and strikingly beautiful looks, she has the best chance of getting into the heart of the operation—and into possible trouble. Meanwhile, Arizona continues to taunt and torment Spencer with her sassy attitude and dangerous actions. Will getting her into his bed provide relief—or make it impossible to ever let her leave?

Lori Foster has penned another first-rate story with A PERFECT STORM that will spellbind you from the start. The action-packed suspense and sexual tension builds like an intense summer storm that has you on the edge of your seat. With Spencer, I think Ms. Foster has created one of her best heroes yet. He's sexy, strong, and protective. Readers who have enjoyed the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series will surely enjoy this addition and, as a bonus, get a glimpse of Dare, Trace, and Jackson from the prior books, as well as their families, and Chris, Dare's friend and caretaker.

A sizzling tale that features two complex, compelling characters, A PERFECT STORM is entertainment at its very best and is already one of my best reads of 2012. For those reasons it richly deserves one of Romance Reviews Today's coveted Perfect 10s.

Patti Fischer