SHADOW RIDER - Christine Feehan
Shadow Series , Book 1
ISBN: 978-0-515-15613-3
July 2016
Paranormal Romance

Chicago, Illinois - Present Day

The Ferraro family is as well known for taking care of their neighborhood as they are for their fast-paced, adventurous lifestyles.  What the world doesn't know is that the Ferraro family are shadow riders, able to use the portals in shadows to move unseen through the world.  With a life filled with violence, Stefano Ferraro never thought to find a woman to love, instead expecting to eventually enter into an arranged marriage with another shadow rider.  Yet, on the way to a meeting, he hears a voice that stops him in his tracks, and knows he's found the woman for him.

Francesca Cappello has moved to Chicago with the help of her friend Joanna, to pull her life back together, away from the man intent on ruining her.  Her first impression of Stefano is that he's bossy, intimidating, and possibly mafia.  Learning that the ultra-wealthy man pretty much runs the neighborhood that she's now working in doesn't do much to change that impression or to curb her desire to get to know him better.  Even though he scares her a bit, Stefano also makes Francesca feel safe, something she hasn't felt in almost two years.

Stefano has always been a man who goes after what he wants, and what he wants right now and forever is Francesca.  He's determined to help her fight her battles and have her by his side.  Now Stefano just has to convince Francesca.

The first book in the new Shadow series, SHADOW RIDER introduces readers to an intriguing family and world.  Stefano has five siblings: Ricco, Giovanni, Taviano, Vittorio, and Emmanuelle, and all of them are shadow riders.  They and the rest of their extended family use their gifts to protect others, and they all believe that they'll never find love because of the demands of the family business.  Stefano finding Francesca is a miracle for all of them, giving them hope that they will one day have more than an arranged marriage.  But first Stefano will have to get past Francesca's fears and earn her trust something that she feels will be next to impossible.  Francesca has lost everything: her home, her job, her friends and her reputation only Joanna believes what Francesca says about the hell she's been going through.  So Francesca left California for Chicago and a fresh start.  She has too much to rebuild in her life to worry about a man, but Stefano leaves her little choice.  Their chemistry is off-the-charts from the moment they first meet, yet Francesca has learned to be wary of wealthy, powerful men.

While this book is about Francesca and Stefano, it also sets up the series by including all of Stefano's siblings and many of his cousins.  SHADOW RIDER is a captivating story that will leave readers anxiously awaiting the next tale as well.

Jennifer Bishop