RUTHLESS GAME - Christine Feehan
Ghostwalker Series, Book 9
ISBN: 978-0-515-14921-0
January 2011
Paranormal Romance

California and South America - Present Day

Though he hasn't seen her since they escaped from the compound, Kane Walker knows Rose Patterson immediately when he does see her.  Months might have gone by, but his connection to Rose is just as strong as the last moment he saw her.  Now, the deadly job his team of Ghostwalkers has been commissioned to complete becomes a second priority, especially when he sees that Rose is pregnant and knows it's with his child.

Rose Patterson grew up within the confines of the compound with minimal contact with the outside world.  Trained as a warrior, Rose learned how to survive the physical and mental challenges constantly thrown at her…until they planned to breed her to another Ghostwalker.  Refusing everyone sent to her, Rose knew eventually her captors would force her with drugs if she didn't cooperate.  Then Kane Walker entered the compound on military leave, unaware of the nature of the facility.  Rose quickly noticed his kindness and honor and realized he was the answer to her prayers.

Given her upbringing, trust is not something Rose feels quickly.  She trusts Kane because he's proven himself to her.  But though he indicates his team is his family, she has a difficult time putting her faith in them, especially with her child at risk.  But her child's DNA is a commodity to certain factions of the scientific and military communities, and the Ghostwalkers will need to band together in order to keep their families safe.  Will Rose find the strength to protect the ones she loves?

Another entertaining dip into the world of the Ghostwalkers, RUTHLESS GAME brings together several of the varying factions of the teams that have come together to protect their family against the power-hungry scientists eager to see the results of their illegal DNA adjustments.  Each story adds another Ghostwalker pair to the mix, in this case Rose and Kane, while adding another twist to the thread that runs through all of the stories—the location and tactics of Dr. Peter Whitney, evil-genius and 'father' of the Ghostwalkers.

Rose and Kane's burgeoning relationship along with their first forays into parenthood are fraught with terror and humor.  Most men are thankfully not called upon to deliver their own children, and Kane's horror is apparent when, macho military man or not, he has to help Rose through labor and delivery.  The witty banter they engage in while actively fighting the enemy will entertain and thrill.  Readers also get a chance to revisit many characters from previous Ghostwalker stories and are introduced to a few new names.

Though formulaic, it's still a fun, escapist read.  Pick up your copy of RUTHLESS GAME today.