AIR BOUND - Christine Feehan
A Sea Haven Novel , Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-515-15463-4
June 2014
Paranormal Romance

Sea Haven and the Pacific Ocean - Present Day

Airiana Ridell lives with the women who have become the sisters of her heart on a farm in the town of Sea Haven. Each of the six women lost someone close to them through brutality, and this has brought them together. They also each have gifts; Airiana is bound to the air, and because of this, she sees patterns in the air that warn her that danger is coming.  She believes that danger has something to do with Damon Wilder, a scientist who works for the Department of Defense who is intent on seeing her, but before Damon arrives, the farm is invaded, and, in an attempt to draw them away from her sister Lexi, Airiana makes herself a target.  She hopes that her ability to manipulate the air will help, but whoever is after her has the ability also, and she is captured.  Her first impression of the man is that he is an invincible machine, but after a better look at his eyes, Airiana realizes he's also a Prakenskii.  After the death of their parents, the seven Prakenskii brothers were sent to a special school where they were trained to be agents of the Russian government and were kept separated from each other.  Two of the brothers have married two of Airiana's sisters and are living under aliases, so she is very aware of the kind of man she is dealing with.

Maxim Prakenskii is along on this kidnap mission as a favor to his brother.  Russia's most famous physicist wants his daughter brought to him, but another man is after Airiana as well, so Maxim infiltrates their group in order to free her and bring her to her father.  Unfortunately, nothing goes as planned, starting with Airiana's refusal to believe that the man who sent Maxim is her father.  The biggest surprise, though, isn't the human trafficking ring aboard the ship they are traveling on, or the depraved prince Maxim has been trying to eliminate for years, but rather the fact that everything in him is demanding that he claim Airiana as his own.

The latest in the Sea Haven novels, AIR BOUND is the story of a brilliant woman, Airiana, who attended a special school until she was seventeen and her mother was murdered.  She was told that her mother was selling her research to a different country and was tortured for more information about the project Airiana was working on.  Though she doesn't believe the stories about her mother, she still feels guilty about her mother's death.  It was while trying to work through this that she met the women she now lives with: Rikki, Judith, Blythe, Lissa and Lexi.  Her abduction throws things into chaos for her, and at first she is sure that the project she was working on as a teen is what has her in trouble now, but Maxim's assurance that he will protect her until he can get her to her father calms her fears a bit.  She believes this is a case of mistaken identity and the man claiming to be her father will learn his mistake, but for now she'll have to deal with Maxim.  She knows enough about the Prakenskii brothers to be afraid of Maxim, and the attraction she feels for him doesn't help.  For his part, Maxim doesn't like the pull he feels to Airiana; he's too hardened a warrior to understand the softer emotions Airiana brings out in him, yet he's powerless to resist.

Though this is the third book in the series, AIR BOUND stands well on its own, as each book focuses on the relationship between the main characters while the family is more in the background.  Non-stop action from the very start will keep readers riveted and turning pages long into the night.  A gripping paranormal romance, I highly recommend AIR BOUND.

Jennifer Bishop