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ISBN: 978-1-4391-4527-2
November 2012
Historical Romance

England – 1797

Lady Harriet Devere and her young siblings are on their way to their grandfather's for Christmas. It's the first Christmas without their brother, Nicholas, who died mysteriously on the Continent. But only Harriet knows the real story. As her brother's secret assistant, Harriet passed his coded messages to the Ministry of War,  for whom Nick worked as a spy. Now she has been requested by the Ministry to spy in her own way on her brother's friend and fellow agent, Julius Forsythe. Unsure of his loyalties and wanting to rule out that he is a double agent for the French, it will be up to Harriet to discover the real truth.

Julius, the Earl of Marbury, is confused by the coldness of his best friend's sister toward him when she arrives at Charlbury for the holiday. She seems much too serious and devoted to her younger siblings, active twins, and acts as her grandfather's hostess as the house is prepared for the onslaught of a multitude of family and friends. Having been personally invited by the duke, Harriet's grandfather, Julius is also there for other reasons, mainly to pass on information to a fellow spy. But his feelings for Harriet grow warmer as she occasionally lets down her guard with him.

Harriet's emotions trend from one extreme, disliking and distrusting Julius and wondering if he murdered her brother, to the other. After all, he is an attractive, intelligent man who is showing a bit of interest in her. But when she observes him sneaking out in the darkness on Christmas Eve, Harriet knows it behooves her to do her duty and find out just what the earl is up to.

TWELFTH NIGHT SECRETS is an enjoyable holiday tale that is sure to entertain Jane Feather's many fans. As usual, it is beautifully written, and the characters are all well rounded and realistic. The premise is interesting, and readers will not truly know the whole story until the final few pages…as it should be.

Don't miss this thoroughly entertaining tale by one of the queens of storytelling!

Jani Brooks