SHADOWS STRIKE - Dianne Duvall
Immortal Guardians , Book 6
ISBN: 978-1-4201-2982-3
September 2015
Paranormal Romance

North Carolina - Present Day

In the dream, Heather Lane is sitting in a clearing reading an e-book when vampires descend upon her.  They seem to be fighting against the tallest, sexiest one, but as one of the vampires heads in her direction, her alarm clock wakes Heather up.  The craziest thing about all of this, though, is that in spite of the dreams, Heather heads to the clearing every morning, waiting to see what happens.  When her morning is disturbed by the events of the dream actually happening, Heather is surprised to find herself helping the one who seems to be fighting off the others.

When the woman in the clearing pulled out a gun and started shooting the vampires he was fighting, Ethan assumed she was a Second.  It was only after the battle that he realized that not only is she not a Second, she's not connected to the network at all, and he's just let a human in on a very big secret.  He's also just met a woman who intrigues and attracts him.  The fact that Heather is a gifted one means she has the ability to become an Immortal like Ethan, but with everything going down right now, will she want to?

The latest book in the Immortal Guardians series, SHADOWS STRIKE shows what can happen when the secret gets out.  For millennia the Immortals have protected mankind from vampires, but in recent years, remaining hidden has become a challenge.  They thought they'd neutralized the biggest threat to them, but during their last battle, the Immortals realized that the mercenaries after them had been helped by an Other.  The Others are older than Immortals, but are observers only.  Seth, the leader of the Immortals, was actually one of the Others, but his love for a human and his decision to help mankind battle the vampires caused him to become an outcast.  Gershom is an Other, who has decided to interfere as well, but his aim is to instigate Armageddon.  Obviously, this is a pretty complex series, with a lot carrying over from one book to the next, so reading them in order is probably best.

In spite of the end-of-the-world scenarios they are dealing with, SHADOWS STRIKE has its lighter moments.  Heather and Ethan have an immediate attraction to one another, and their relationship starts off on a somewhat playful note.  Ethan has been a bit lonely since Lisette married Zach, but meeting Heather shows him that his feelings for Lisette were not what he thought they were.  As a telepath, Heather hasn't had many successful relationships in the past, and her inability to read Ethan's thoughts is refreshing.  Ethan's life is a dangerous one though, and the more she learns, the more Heather wonders if a relationship is even possible.

With non-stop action, a fun, sexy romance, and a chance to see what's going on with all of the Immortals, SHADOWS STRIKE should not be missed.

Jennifer Bishop