NIGHT UNBOUND - Dianne Duvall
Immortal Guardians , Book 5
ISBN: 978-1-4201-2980-9
September 2014
Paranormal Romance

Greensboro, North Carolina - Present Day

Lisette d'Alencon has hunted vampires as an Immortal Guardian for two hundred years, but lately she's been lonely.  It could have something to do with the fact that several of the Immortal Guardians have married, her brothers Etienne and Richart among them, or it could be about Zach.  Though not one of the Guardians, Zach is Immortal, a cousin of some sort to Seth, the leader of the Guardians, and he once saved her life.  Shortly after that, Lisette often sensed his presence while she hunted, but it's been four months since she's seen him. Except in her dreams.

Zach is actually one of The Others, men who observe humanity but do not interfere, but by helping Seth and Lisette, he's strayed from the path The Others set for themselves so long ago.  After months of torture by The Others, his powers have started coming back well enough that he found himself infiltrating Lisette's dreams and thinks he may have found a way to escape the torture The Others inflict upon him.  He has only two desires once he is free of them being near Lisette and watching as Seth learns that it was one of his precious Immortal Guardians that betrayed him, not Zach.

But a new threat is rising: vampires with fighting skills far more advanced than most vampires.  Though Zach had not intended to get involved, when Lisette welcomes him into her home and her life, he knows that standing idly by is impossible.  For a man who has never known emotion, his feelings for Lisette are difficult to ignore and growing stronger by the day.  Now he'll do anything to protect the woman who changed his life even work side-by-side with his enemy.

For the Immortal Guardians, fighting vampires has become more dangerous of late, and in NIGHT UNBOUND, the vampires they are up against have information and weapons they shouldn't even know about.  The virus that causes vampirism in humans does not work the same with gifted ones , mortals with advanced DNA, instead they become Immortals, and Seth brings them into the Guardians.  Lisette, in her mortal life, was a French aristocrat turned against her will by her abusive husband.   Her brothers were turned in trying to save her, and she has always felt guilty about that.  She is thrilled that they have found love and are happy, but a little envious that she doesn't have that for herself.  Her attraction to Zach surprised her, and when he disappeared, she was afraid that it was because of her.  His arrival at her home, bloodied and broken, alarms her, but she willingly takes him into her home and nurses him back to health.  Zach has never thought of straying from the path that The Others chose, until he met Lisette.

Readers familiar with the series will enjoy the chance to catch up with the characters from the earlier books, including Lisette's brothers, the other Guardians, and especially Ami, (from NIGHT REIGNS) who is nearing her due date.  If you haven't read the series in order, there are some things that you may have missed, but you won't be completely lost if this is your first look at the Immortal Guardians.  A fascinating series, I highly recommend NIGHT UNBOUND.

Jennifer Bishop