PROMISES KEPT – Scarlett Dunn
The McBride Brothers , Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3889-4
September 2025
Inspirational Romance

Wyoming in the Old West

Victorian Eastman hates all cowboys. She was assaulted at fifteen by a drunken one in the saloonwhere she was raised in Abilene, Kansas. She didn't want to end up like the women who work there, so when an opportunity presented itself, she took off, but not alone. She rescued two young boys who were about to be sent to an orphanage. A few years later, Victoria and her “brothers” were living in a St. Louis, Missouri, boarding house owned by a nice lady. Victoria worked there to earn their keep. After two years, as much as she liked Mrs. Wellington, she longed to make a real home for herself and the boys. Victoria took a big chance and placed a newspaper ad offering herself as an excellent cook and hardworking wife in exchange for a home for herself and her two boys. She received several replies, but only one that didn't mention “wifely duties.” After being hassled by four troublemakers in the dining room, she made up her mind to travel to Wyoming to check out the writer, Chet Barlow—a farmer, not a cowboy—who sounded kind and trustworthy. After a very long stage coach ride, Victoria arrived in Promise, Wyoming, only to find that the somewhat elderly Chet Barlow has died…but not before willing all he had to Victoria. Then, another surprise…Victoria learns her nearest neighbor in the country is the man who handled the four drunk cowboys in St. Louis. He's very handsome, but still a cowboy!

Colt McBride runs the McBride Cattle Company next to the Barlow farm. He's struck again by the beauty and spirit of his new neighbor, whom he met when he was in St. Louis on family business. He tries to be helpful to Victoria and warns her about a looming range war. Good land is a precious commodity and her farm is coveted by others for its water. Unfortunately, for some reason, she doesn't trust him.

The tale continues with the arrival of Mrs. Wellington bringing the boys to their new home and deciding to stay herself; she's given a warm welcome. The seven year-old identical twins add a lot of charm; they are thrilled with the stray dog Victoria picked up on the trip to Wyoming, and they adore Mr. McBride. Colt soon has a rival, one Victoria thinks very much the gentleman…one who is NOT a cowboy.An entertaining and suspenseful story unfolds. There is danger and passion and a good cast of characters.

PROMISES KEPT, with its two strong leads, will be followed by two books starring Colt's younger brothers, Jake and Lucas. Jake, who makes a brief appearance here, is a U.S. Marshal, andLucas, whom we've yet to meet, could be anywhere. If they are as captivating as their big brother, we're sure to enjoy the rest of the trilogy.

Jane Bowers