Colorado Cattle Barons
Harlequin Desire #2303
ISBN: ISBN: 978-0-373-73316-3
May 2014
Series Romance

Los Vegas, Nevada, and Lyndon, Colorado Present Day

Travis Jacobs is the last single cowboy from the Terrell and Jacobs families, and his now happily married family and friends are bugging him to settle down.  Instead, he hightails it for the rodeo, rides out the proverbial eight seconds on a bull, and wins the silver buckle.  The last place he expects to run into the family attorney, Danielle Marin, is at a rodeo in Las Vegas, but Travis is sure he sees her face in the stands, watching him ride.  Danielle is not the rodeo type, and he can't imagine why she's there when she prefers fine wines and dinner with white table clothes.

Danielle and Travis have never gotten along.  Anytime they've been in the same room for more than ten minutes together, they're fighting.  Travis is sure Danielle thinks he's just a dumb cowboy, and she's said as much right to his face, but in reality, Danielle is all too aware that Travis is anything but dumb.  This sexy and physically fit cowboy could be any woman's dream man, except hers.  And finding him right here in Las Vegas is her cue to run.  But she doesn't escape fast enough.  That evening, while she's drinking in the hotel bar with her friends, Travis shows up.  After the both of them exchange barbs over drinks, somehow, they end up in each other's arms.

As they say, what happens in Las Vegas stays there, so Danielle and Travis carry on an affair right under the noses of Travis's family, who've all come to town for a bachelor party.  Danielle is there attending a legal conference.  Travis came for the rodeo, but stays longer than he intended for his family, and for Danielle.  And all too soon, they go their separate ways, only to end up back at the ranch in Colorado, where all rules are broken as they come to terms with their relationship.

THE LAST COWBOY STANDING is the final book in the Colorado Cattle Barons series, and it's a book you will not put down once you start.  Don't miss it!

Diana Risso