Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2343
ISBN: 978-0-373-73356-9
December 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Atlanta, Georgia Present Day

Cole Henderson was abandoned by his father even before he was born, so it's no surprise that there's no contact between them. But when his father dies tragically in an accident, along with his current wife, Cole is drawn to learn more about his now orphaned little half-brother, Zachary. Without revealing his true identity, Cole shows up in Atlanta just as the will is being read. Zachary has been put in the temporary care of his aunt, Amber Welsley, who adores her nephew, but the custody of the child is being fought over between her and the temporary head of the airline company his father owned. Unfortunately, whoever has custody of Zachary, runs the company

Amber is frustrated because she suspects her rival is going to ruin the company for his own benefit and end up neglecting Zachary. All she wants is to protect her nephew's legacy. A stranger, Cole Henderson, suddenly appears and is not only helpful but supportive of her bid to keep Zachary. As Cole and Amber grow closer, an attraction develops. While Cole's sudden appearance has her curious, she's grateful for his assistance, especially when things begin to turn ugly in the battle for the company. Will Amber learn the truth about who Cole really is? Will Cole attempt to claim a share of his father's company?

It's a poor little rich baby at the center of THE MISSING HEIR by Barbara Dunlop. Amber loves her innocent nephew and wants to protect him, not only from vultures who want to control the company but to those who can't possible nurture him like she will. Cole turns her head and she's soon falling for the charming man who owns his own airline company based in Alaska. She figures he's after a possible takeover, but he doesn't seem to be too insistent, but rather, more concerned about Zachary's wellbeing, just as she is. Can she trust Cole, or is he a snake laying in wait?

Cole didn't intend to get involved in his little half-brother's drama with custody and control of the company, but once he does, he will do anything to help Amber win. Will this mean revealing his true identity to not only her, but to everyone else? If he does, what happens to Zachary's legacy? Cole has no plans to give up living in Alaska to come work for his father's company, but with no other family members to run it, Zachary needs someone to work for him, not to destroy his legacy. Amber is the best bet, but she's being battled by a sneaky foe. In the end, Cole realizes he is going to have to come clean, though unsure how it will change everything, including the feelings that have developed between him and Amber.

THE MISSING HEIR is a feel good romance set around Christmas that brings together Cole, a man still bitter about his father's abandonment, and the woman who's raising his half-brother. Cole is immediately attracted to Amber, but he also forms an instant bond with Zachary. Can he walk away from them?  Filled with emotions, sizzling love scenes AND a cute baby, THE MISSING HEIR is a tale I recommend.

Patti Fischer