Silhouette Desire #2062
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-73075-9
January 2011
Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

During an office party in Las Vegas, architect Kaitlin Saville married millionaire (several-times-over) Zach Harper.  Then, just one dance with Zach and it was back to her room alone to sleep off too much alcohol.  Now, three months later, after getting her fired from her job, mister high-and-mighty Zach is standing at her front door saying their pretend marriage is legal!  And the best part?  As his “wife,” Kaitlin has inherited half of his company!

Zach just wants Kaitlin to sign on the dotted line and give back his assets.  He will even write her a hefty million dollar check for her trouble.  Their marriage was a joke; the preacher was Elvis in a suit!  But now Kaitlin is refusing to sign away her rights to his late grandmother's shares, and Zach refuses to take no for an answer.  Kaitlin wants to deal, but her conditions do not involve money, she wants a job! (Which is the last thing Zach wants to give her!)  Meanwhile, she is still Zach's wife in the eyes of the law, and Zach, being the master-manipulator he is, will stop at nothing to trick Kaitlin into signing away her surprise inheritance, even if he has to seduce her first.  One way or another, he will get her signature on that document and get his company back.  He wants Kaitlin Saville out of his life once and for all…or does he?

THE CEO'S ACCIDENTAL BRIDE is also an accidental heiress!  Kaitlin could name her own ticket, and Zach is willing to give her any amount of money to get control of his company back.  But what Kaitlin needs more than his money is a prestigious job that will allow her to stay in New York .  Getting fired from her job when Zach refused her designs blacklisted her, and now she'll make him pay.

With sparkling characterization and sizzling romance, THE CEO'S ACCIDENTAL BRIDE is one story you will not want to miss!

Diana Risso