SEX, LIES AND THE CEO Barbara Dunlop
Chicago Sons , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2376
ISBN: 978-0-373-73389-7
May 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois Present Day

After Darci Rivers's father passes away, she discovers the reason for his hatred of the Colburn family. It appears that Shane Colburn's late father stole Darci's father's plans for an important engineering design. Without the original plans, she can't prove it, so before she asks for monetary compensation, she decides to go undercover working at Colburn Aerospace. Her main goal is getting into the Colburn mansion and digging around old records, and when a charity ball is held there, she worms her way inside. Of course, just her luck that she also comes face to face with the hunky CEO.  Now it's time for part two of her plan: seducing him.

As CEO of the company, Shane can't afford the bad publicity that's going on right now with his ex-girlfriend's tell-all book, which is full of lies and exaggeration. He's intrigued by Darci and realizes that although he doesn't have time to pursue her, it doesn't stop him. They soon are spending time together, but even as she keeps him at arm's length by refusing to bed him it only fuels the attraction. When he catches her snooping around in his basement, he learns what she's after, and just what he doesn't need is more bad publicity. So, instead of putting the brakes on her search, he pitches in to help her and prove her wrong.

Darci and Shane's relationship is propelled by the threat of scandal, and they need to learn to trust each other even as the desire between them heats up in SEX, LIES AND THE CEO. Crashing the party that night, Darci didn't expect to run into Shane, but she immediately does. The attraction between them sizzles, and she tells herself she shouldn't be distracted by a man she can barely resist. Yet, she soon realizes getting close to him might allow her to get into the dark, deep reaches of his basement. Is she going to sleep with him to gain access?

Shane has been burned too many times by relationships and with the current bad publicity swirling around him, the last thing he needs is another scandal. He should run far away from getting involved with Darci, but she intrigues him like no other woman has before. Shane doesn't realize that he's the one being seduced until he catches Darci sneaking around. She confesses the truth, and rather than throw her out, he agrees to help her, much to the dismay of his best friends and business associates. Of course, he thinks he is going to disprove her claim, but if that happens, can they pick up their relationship where it left off?

In SEX, LIES AND THE CEO there is a lot of bantering back and forth as Darci battles Shane toe-to-toe, and they can't help but also lock lips. She wants to find the original plans to honor her late father and get recognition for him. Shane is worried what would happen to the company (and his tenure as the CEO) if it's bad news. While working together might seem like strange bedfellows, they can't deny the mutual attraction. Will it all work out in SEX, LIES AND THE CEO? Find out for yourself in this intriguing and romantic tale.

Patti Fischer