SEDUCED BY THE CEO – Barbara Dunlop
Chicago Sons , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2382
ISBN: 978-0-373-73395-8
June 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Kalissa Smith, along with her best friend Megan, are partners in a landscaping business and barely getting by. One day Megan spots a picture in the society pages of a new bride, and the woman in the photo looks a lot like Kalissa. Since Kalissa knows she was adopted, is the other woman, Darci Rivers Colborn, an unknown twin, or just an eerie doppelganger?  Soon after, while starting work on another landscaping project at a restaurant, a strange man comes running out and accuses her of spying on him. Kalissa finally convinces him that she is not the rich new wife of Shane Colborn, but probably her twin sister. To her surprise, the man, Riley Ellis asks her out on a date, and the two click on a sensual level. Is Riley attracted to her because she looks like another woman?

Riley is bitter that his half-brother Shane Colborn won't acknowledge him, so he went into the same business as the Colborns and they're each other's biggest rival. Spotting Shane's previously unknown sister-in-law gives Riley the bright idea to woo her and use it to his advantage in gaining leverage against Shane's company. It helps that the sexual chemistry between him and Kalissa is hotter than a lava plume, and that she is oblivious to how her sudden appearance might upset the Colborns. But once Kalissa does meet Darci, the two women connect. However, after Riley's connection to Kalissa is revealed, it throws suspicion on his motives, and he's soon on the outside looking in. Too bad he's now fallen in love with Kalissa…

In SEDUCED BY THE CEO it's a plan of revenge that doesn't go quite the way Riley expects it to go. Raised on the other side of the tracks as the illegitimate son of the late billionaire Dalton Colborn, he's allowed bitterness to help plot his course in life to bring down Shane and the company Shane inherited. When he first spotted Kalissa he thought Shane had sent Darci undercover to spy on him because Riley's mind was warped by hatred for the Colborns. He planned to use Kalissa as a pawn to help bring down Shane, but love interferes and his feelings for her are used against him. Kalissa is awed by the fact she has a twin sister, but she's not sure she wants to accept the Colborns' financial help, despite the fact she may be entitled to a share of the company. (For more on that story, check out Shane and Darci's tale in SEX, LIES AND THE CEO)

The heated banter between Kalissa and Riley sizzles in SEDUCED BY THE CEO and makes for some fun reading. Add in a minor character, Garrison, who is assigned to protect Kalissa, and will do anything to do so, makes her romance with Riley a sexy romp as they try to avoid Garrison's protection in order to keep the fires burning. She falls in love with Riley despite her distrust of him. Riley finally gets the answers he wants in SEDUCED BY THE CEO, but maybe he ends up being the one surprised.

Patti Fischer