Dynasties: The Lassiters , Book 6
Harlequin Desire #2324
ISBN: 978-0-373-73337-8
September 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Los Angeles, California and Cheyenne, Wyoming – Present Day

Angelica Lassiter's father's estate was finally settled, but it ripped apart the romance and engagement she had with Evan McCain. She fired him from the company, but he still is around her life, much to her annoyance. When mutual friends ask Angie and Evan to help plan their wedding after they're temporarily delayed out of the country, it forces them together even more. But to add to their woes is the rumor and speculation they're soon to be reunited. If they deny the rumors, then it puts the wedding venue into jeopardy. Evan asks Angie to agree to a temporary re-engagement until after their friends' wedding, which she reluctantly agrees to go along with. Will their forced closeness rekindle the hot passion between them?

Evan has never gotten over losing Angie, yet so much has gone on between them that he wonders if they can make things work again. He has a short time to convince her they can still make beautiful music together, but she continues to push him away. Yet even she soon can't deny the sizzling attraction. Will Evan win back the Lassiter bride?

Readers who have followed the Lassiter series will recognize Angie and Evan as the unfortunate couple who ended up as adversaries when he was named as head of Lassiter Media leaving Angie out of her father's will. She blames Evan—and when the dust was settled and Angie was finally put in charge of the company, it left their relationship in shambles. Has too much gone on to repair it in REUNITED WITH THE LASSITER BRIDE?

Much of this tale revolves around wedding planning—not their own but that of their friends. They wanted the wedding to take place at a specific location, but the owner of the property immediately states that he didn't want the recent Lassiter scandal to affect his reputation, so Evan implies that he and Angie are working on getting back together. It seems to snowball after that, and soon they're caught between a rock and a hard place. Deny the reunited rumors and doom the wedding, or go along until after.

Angie is a stubborn woman and won't forgive Evan for what she sees as his transgressions, even though he was an innocent pawn as she was in her father's scheming from the grave. It also left Evan frustrated, and in REUNITED WITH THE LASSITER BRIDE, he has to get past this and work hard to win Angie again. Readers will get caught up with the other characters from this Lassiter series, so it's best to read this tale along with the rest.

Love can be special the second time around, and in REUNITED WITH THE LASSITER BRIDE we are in for a treat as Angie and Evan find happiness once more. Grab this sizzling tale before it's off the shelves.

Patti Fischer