Colorado Cattle Barons , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2224
ISBN: ISBN: 978-0-373-73237-1
March 2013
Series Romance

Washington, D.C. and Lyndon, Colorado Present Day

Niki Gerard sits by her mother's bedside as Gabriella passes into the next life, but first, Niki promises she'll get Gabriella's diary.  The infamous book was Gabriella's way of maintaining her independence and surviving in a man's world of secrets and power.  For years, Gabriella was at the mercy of the men who loved her, and as she listened to them she learned how to invest her money until there came a time she became independent enough that she didn't need anyone.  She raised Niki on the fly, traveling the world as it pleased her.

Fearing for her life after her mother's death, Niki finds her long lost family in Colorado and introduces herself as Nellie Cooper.  She's the half sister of Reed and Caleb Terrell, thanks to a long ago affair their father had with her mother.  Now, instead of long and blond, her hair is short and brown, and she's wearing glasses, not the contacts she usually dons. Until she can find her mother's diary, she won't know whom to trust, so she can't stay in Washington.  For now, she'll lay low in Colorado; no one will ever find her here!

Sawyer Smith just bought the ranch next door to Reed Terrell's new house.  He's watching the woman who calls herself Nellie Cooper, and he knows she is really socialite Niki Gerard.  Two can play at her game.  Mr. Smith is really Sawyer Lawton.  He wants Gabriella Girard's diary, no matter what.  His Uncle Charles's reputation depends on it.

Sawyer is pretending to be a MILLIONAIRE IN A STETSON; however, even though he is a millionaire, he has never donned a Stetson in his life.  Yeah, he was born in Montana, but he's lived most of his life in the East taking care of family business and fixing things for Uncle Charles.  His uncle's high profile political career depends upon the information Sawyer gets from Niki; and Sawyer will stop at nothing, not even faking a relationship with Niki to get what he wants.

Passionate and sizzling hot, Niki and Sawyer begin an affair that spans from Colorado to Washington D.C. The fourth book in the Colorado Cattle Barons series, MILLIONAIRE IN A STETSON follows A COWBOY COMES HOME (January 2012), COWBOY IN MANHATTAN (February 2012), and AN INTIMATE BARGAIN (May 2012).  These are great stories, and all of the books stand alone, but you don't want to miss out on each and every story.

MILLIONAIRE IN A STETSON is full of romance and a bit of mystery.  It is an excellent book to cuddle up with, and maybe a kitty on your lap.

Diana Risso