Billionaires and Babies
Silhouette Desire #2073
ISBN: 978-0-373-730786-5
March 2011
Series Romance

Seattle, Washington – Present Day

Billionaire Lucas Demarco and writer Devin Hartley are in the midst of a custody battle for their baby niece, Amelia, and it isn't friendly at all. Lucas needs control of little Amelia's voting shares in his company to ensure that his cousin, Steve, won't control the company. Their battle is acrimonious, so when a security breach has the judge ordering Amelia and Devin to temporarily stay with Lucas until a final decision is made, there is much resistance from Devin. She thinks that if it can be proven that Lucas's brother married her sister dishonestly, then the judge will rule in her favor, especially since Lucas doesn't have a clue how to even be around a baby. Shouldn't having the ability to change a diaper be required for custody?

With his cousin breathing down his neck, Lucas knows he not only has to gain custody of Amelia, but win over Devin. He didn't expect to gain a ready-made family with his niece, and neither did he expect to become attracted to Devin. No way should the perfectly controlled Lucas have anything in common with “substitute mommy of the year” Devin. Living in close quarters suddenly has them barely able to keep their hands off each other. Is getting involved going to damage their rivalry for the custody of Amelia, or will one of them use this to his or her advantage?

The BILLIONAIRE BABY DILEMMA is a cute, funny story that had me chuckling in several scenes with the banter between Lucas and Devin. Both have been thrown unexpected curve balls in their lives, and they're trying to make the best of the situation, with Amelia being their top priority. Lucas doesn't know how to act around babies, so when Amelia has a poopy diaper, all he wants to do is find someone else to change it as fast as possible. Devin thinks the worst of Lucas, and nothing will change her mind—not even after they make love. Their relationship certainly runs hot and cold. One minute they're civil with each other and the next they are nose to nose arguing. Slowly they begin to trust one another, and just when you think things will come to a nice conclusion, well, you know what happens next. The final scene with them in court is one that had me laughing out loud, and I can bet readers will be smiling also.

Barbara Dunlop's writing in BILLIONAIRE BABY DILEMMA is fresh, funny and with enough twists and turns to hold your interest. Also add in a secondary romantic tale involving Devin's best friend, Lexi, and Lucas's widowed stepfather, Byron, which is also amusing, and this one is definitely a well rounded, enjoyable read. If you like babies, battling couples, and scenes that will have you laughing out loud, then I highly recommend you put BILLIONAIRE BABY DILEMMA at the top of your book buying list.

Patti Fischer