Colorado Cattle Barons
Harlequin Desire #2261
ISBN: ISBN: 978-0-373-73274-6
October 2013
Series Romance

Lyndon, Colorado Present Day

In his election campaign, Mayor Seth Jacobs promised to bring the railroad to Lyndon, Colorado, a promise that will bring jobs and economic gain for the town and the local ranchers.  As far as Seth is concerned, everybody wins if the railroad goes through.  But local spa and hotel owner, Darby Carroll, decides to fight and stop the railroad.  Even though she is in the minority, the railroad won't be good for Darby.  The noise and rumbling will disturb her guests at all hours of the day and night, and her exclusive clientele values their peace and quiet.

Seth is determined to fight Darby tooth and nail and stop her from getting the referendum she needs to hold up the railroad.  Seth is a handsome man and a smooth talker; he's sure he can talk Darby into submission, leaving her welcoming the railroad, and longing for his kisses!

A former U.S. Army captain, Darby has seen all kinds of tricks and serious fighting.  She knows how to fight the enemy, in this case, Seth Jacobs himself.  If the railroad goes though Lyndon, Darby will lose her livelihood and all the work she's put into starting her hotel and therapy center.  All the time and money she's poured into this project will be for naught.  Darby's clients are important women.  Their need for quiet supersedes everything.

Darby and Seth face off against each other in A COWBOY'S TEMPTATION, the latest book in the Colorado Cattle Barons series.  Seth is a smooth talker, a rancher and a politician.  All of these qualities helped him win the election.  But Darby has his number, and when they finally meet face to face, the air sizzles.  Their awareness is the catalyst in the fight between them.  As Seth decides to charm Darby out of her stance against the railroad; she also decides that flirting with Seth might help sway his viewpoint to her side.  While they are romancing each there is a whole lot of combustible passion just waiting to ignite, and they soon find themselves fighting in public, but secretly romancing each other in the bedroom!

Who will win this struggle?  Pick up a copy of A COWBOY'S TEMPTATION and find out!

Diana Risso