Colorado Cattle Barons, Book 1
Silhouette Desire #2134
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-73147-3
January 2012
Series Romance

Lyndon, Colorado Present Day

Caleb Terrell's return to the family ranch in Colorado is a mission bent on helping his brother Reed.  Only instead of Reed, Caleb finds neighbor, Mandy Jacobs, quite at home, and seemingly living in his house.  Thinking that Reed and Mandy are an item, Caleb is polite but can't help but notice what a beautiful young woman Mandy has grown up to be.  Unable to live anywhere near his abusive father, Caleb left the ranch years ago, then started his own corporation, making his fortune in the city. Now, he's forced to return to the ranch and deal with the unexpected inheritance his father left him.  He plans to turn the ranch over to Reed, but his brother is nowhere to be found.

Caleb is in a hurry.  He has places to go and business deals to close.  If Reed won't come home, he'll sell the ranch and send him the money, if he can find him.  Caleb thinks Reed would be better off without the ranch anyhow; too many bad memories dwell there.  But Mandy has other ideas.  She puts roadblock after roadblock in Caleb's way, convinced that he has to see reason.  He can't sell the ranch without talking to Reed first!

A COWBOY COMES HOME is Caleb Terrell's story in this series of books brought to us by Barbara Dunlop.  Reed's story, A COWBOY IN MANHATTAN, is the second of the Colorado Cattle Barons series and will be out in February.  Watch as Caleb and Mandy battle it out over what is right and wrong about Caleb's decisions for the future.  The wonderfully romantic ending makes this a story to treasure and one you will love.

A COWBOY COMES HOME sparkles with bright characterization and sizzling romance; don't miss it!

Diana Risso