The Cinderella Sisterhood , Book 6
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-1-250-06030-3
June 2016
Historical Romance

London, England, about 1849

Nathan Atwood wants nothing more than to see his brother David.  Ten years ago, Nate stormed out and cut all contact with his family after a terrible fight with their father, the Earl of Gilmore.  Nate now learns from his godmother, the Countess Milford, that it was not his father who died of smallpox, but David; leaving Nate with a new responsibility and title: the Viscount Rowley.  Nate is angry.  He wants to settle a score with his father, teach him a lesson, and then be on his way back to the Far East.  As Lady Milford calms him, Nate promises her that he will allow her to choose his bride, with one stipulation:  she must be a low ranking woman of ill repute!

At twenty four, Madelyn Swann wants to end her theatrical career and open up her own costume shop.  To that end she has decided to offer herself up for bid.  She will choose one wealthy nobleman; she'll be his mistress and warm his bed, then, with a hefty payment in her purse, she'll be free to live her own life.  The intimate coup, however, will be the day she can stand in front of her maternal grandfather and berate him for his treatment of her mother, who had the audacity to fall in love with a commoner.  Her ties to the nobility is Madelyn's secret to keep, no one can ever know.

HIS WICKED WISH is a truly delicious romance featuring a hero and a heroine that are as unlikely a pair as you can imagine.  Nate only wants to embarrass his father, then run away once again, leaving the old earl saddled with the responsibility and the embarrassment of his new low-born bride.  An independent Madelyn is determined to make her own way in the world.  Her secret plan is humiliating her maternal grandfather in public.  Brought together by Lady Milford, Nate and Madeline begin this unlikely alliance as strangers, neither trusting the other, and each resisting the pull of attraction as they fall in love, besieged with passion, desire, and a bit of suspense.

The sixth novel in The Cinderella Sisterhood Series , HIS WICKED WISH follows IF THE SLIPPER FITS (June 2012), STROKE OF MIDNIGHT (June 2013), ABDUCTED BY A PRINCE (May 2014), and BELLA AND THE BEAST (November 2015). Each book begins with the delightful interference of the matchmaking countess, Lady Milford, who gives our heroines a magic pair of ruby slippers guaranteed to bring the love of a lifetime to whichever young woman is worthy of wearing them.

HIS WICKED WISH is a delightful story, full of pulse-pounding romance, laughter, and a bit of intrigue.

Diana Risso