The Cinderella Sisterhood , Book 4
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-1-250-06029-7
November 2015
Historical Romance

London, England, about 1849

Isabella Jones is beside herself with worry.  She's traveled all the way from Persia on a treasure hunt that she's afraid is nothing more than one of her father's dreams.  On his deathbed, Sir Seymour Jones extracted a promise from Bella that she would go home to England, find a man named Aylwin, and claim her father's half of a pharaoh's treasure.  Now, out of money, she's been desperately trying to find a job so she can care for her younger siblings, sister Lila, and brother Cyrus.

Bella soon learns that Mr. Aylwin does not exist.  Indeed, Aylwin is the Duke's title, and it belongs to the reclusive Miles Grayson.  He is the current Duke of Aylwin.  Through a series of mishaps, Bella soon finds herself at the home of the young duke, hoping he will hire her as curator.  With her extensive knowledge in artifacts, and the ability to translate foreign documents, Bella can help him catalogue his extensive collection of antiquities, which are the very same items their fathers discovered many years ago in Egypt.  This job will ensure her family's future and, at the same time, Bella will be able to search the Duke's home for the map that will lead her to the treasure.

Miles Grayson has no time for flippant females, but Isabella Jones is different.  Miles remembers Sir Seymour's daughter as a pesky little girl; he himself was barely a teenager all those years ago in Egypt.  And he also bitterly remembers that Seymour Jones and his family disappeared the same night his father was murdered.  Why is Isabella Jones here now, and what does she want?  Intrigued by her knowledge of antiquities, Miles hires her temporarily and allows her to stay in his manor house, even providing her with a maid!

Isabella Jones is indeed facing the biggest challenge of her life in BELLA AND THE BEAST, the fourth novel in The Cinderella Sisterhood Series , following IF THE SLIPPER FITS (June 2012), and STROKE OF MIDNIGHT (June 2013), and ABDUCTED BY A PRINCE (May 2014).  Every one of these Cinderella stories is a guaranteed winner!  Each story begins with a matchmaking Countess and a pair of magical red slippers, guaranteed to bring the love of a lifetime to the young woman who is worthy of wearing them.

An intriguing and passionate story full of history and tingling romance, BELLA AND THE BEAST is another winner by author Olivia Drake.  I love these stories!  Guaranteed to keep you reading far into the night, BELLA AND THE BEAST is a delightful way to escape into a world of intrigue and love!

Diana Risso