Dream Catchers , Book 2
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN: 978-0-7582-6935-5
November 2012
Fantasy Erotic Romance

Present Day

After twenty years of planning, research, and building, Mac Dugan's work towards rescuing his lost love, Zianne, and her people will either succeed or fail in the next few hours.  Though he and Zianne had only been together a few months, it was long enough for them to fall in love—and long enough for Mac to realize that Zianne was not human.  Zianne is Nyrian—a race of aliens almost extinct, and the only survivors are slaves to the Gar (another race of aliens).  The Gar consume planets and use the Nyrians for the energy to power their ship.  Through sexual fantasies, Mac was able to bring Zianne to him for a short time, and her hope was that the same will work to bring the rest of her people to Earth, before the Gar destroy our planet.  Mac has spent the last twenty years building a satellite array and figuring out how to save the Nyrians, and has assembled a team of young men and women to help.  The “dream team” has managed to make contact with the Nyrians, and they are days away from the rescue when disaster strikes.

The Gar have discovered that Zianne has contacted the humans, and she escapes the ship, but does so without her soulstone.  Without that, Zianne will not live long, and on the verge of saving the Nyrians, Mac faces losing Zianne in the process.  They've also learned that the Gar have moved up their plans to attack Earth, so instead of days to get things in place, the team has hours.  As if that isn't enough to deal with, the protestors at the gates of Mac's land are just an unknowing cover for Bart Roberts, a man who wants revenge against Mac and Zianne for killing his brother.  Bart himself is leading a more violent group to strike against Mac. 

The stage is set for either a rescue or a disaster in DREAM UNCHAINED.  Having not read the previous book, DREAM BOUND, I can't say for certain, but it seems as if DREAM UNCHAINED picks up right where the first left off, with Zianne rejoining Mac on Earth and the dream team about to attempt the rescue.  The team is made up of three men and three women ranging from twenty-five to mid-thirties, all with telepathic abilities.  Rodie Bishop, recently burned in a relationship, is surprised to find herself so drawn to Morgan Black and enjoying the friendship she's found with Kiera Pearce and Lizzie Connor, two women she'd never imagined she'd have anything in common with.  Cameron Paisley, an artist who paints improbable landscapes, has painted something disturbing, and the two women he's helped to Earth have helped to explain the truth behind his paintings.  Finn O' Toole has learned a few new things about himself, and is a bit overwhelmed by the scope of what he's involved with now.  Along with Zianne and the Nyrians, another central character is Nils “Dink” Dinkleman, a well-known news anchor, Mac's best friend and sometimes lover.  Dink was there when Zianne and Mac first met, and he's with them now as a friend and lover, not a newsman.  The characters drive the story, with the mission and action a close second. With sexual fantasies being the energy the Nyrians use to travel, there's obviously quite a bit of sex in the story, so be prepared for some sizzling scenes in this captivating erotic tale. It may be a good idea to read the stories in order to make things a little easier to understand, but either way, DREAM UNCHAINED is an enjoyable story.

Jennifer Bishop