DREAM BOUND – Kate Douglas
The Dream Catchers, Book 1
ISBN: 978-0-7582-6934-8
July 2012
Erotic Paranormal Romance

California – Present Day

MacArthur Dugan has waited twenty years to try and contact the love of his life, Zianne. A captive on an alien ship, her fate, and that of her entire race, is in Mac's hands. If he can find a way to save Zianne and her people from the Gar, he will finally get to hold her in his arms for the first time in twenty years. With what little knowledge Zianne could give him before she had to leave, Mac has spent his time wisely, devoting his time and money to create a huge array of satellites. Now he just needs a team with extraordinary abilities to help him achieve his goal.

And Mac finds that dream team in Rodie, Cam, Morgan, Finn, Kiera and Lizzie. Each member scored high in the tests Mac put them through, testing any psychic ability. With those abilities, the crew will use their wildest sexual fantasies to contact Zianne and her people, and give them the form they need to escape captivity and come to earth. And the more the team learns about the Gar, the worse it gets. It seems not only is Zianne's race in trouble, but everyone on Earth might be the next target.

One of the most original storylines I've read in a while, DREAM BOUND will have you alternatively smirking and fanning yourself. Author Kate Douglas really knows her way around a steamy scene, and this book is no different. While Mac is most definitely the leader of the group, all members get their own chance to shine…and their own detailed fantasy or two. Even with so many people to focus on, the characters feel real and have their own stories, which readers will get to see even more of in the upcoming sequel, DREAM UNCHAINED (NOV 2012).

A fascinating and steamy mix of erotic and paranormal, author Kate Douglas will certainly not disappoint loyal and new readers with her exciting new world. Aliens, racy sexual fantasies, and love, come together to create one hot read that readers won't be able to forget, or stop talking about. If you're on the search for something new and exciting, definitely give DREAM BOUND, and its sequel releasing later this year—DREAM UNCHAINED—a try!

Amanda Toth