NO PLACE LIKE YOU – Emma Douglas
A Cloud Bay Novel , Book 3
St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-1250-11102-9
December 2017
Contemporary Romance

Cloud Bay, California – Present Day

When she was eighteen, Leah Santelli celebrated her birthday by giving her virginity to Zach Harper, the guy she loved but could never seem to attract. Like his late rock legend father, Zach is always away from Cloud Bay, while Leah has spent nearly all her life working and living on the island. With the annual CloudFest approaching, Leah, who works alongside Zach's sister Faith in planning for the world-famous event, is stunned when Zach rolls into town with the idea of not only performing at the event, but also wanting to record a solo album. As it turns out, Leah is a producer, and it seems like a good plan to have her work with Zach. But will being this close to the man she is still attracted to be a good idea?

Zach is still trying to find the fame his father had, and is disappointed when the leader of the group he plays for decides to go into rehab—for a year. Returning home to Cloud Bay after being gone for a long time won't be easy, mainly because Faith is annoyed he missed the last CloudFest. Zach is surprised to learn that Leah is a producer, but takes up the suggestion to use her for his latest singing venture. This means working together—late into the night—and a sexual attraction soon turns into lovemaking. Zach won't be sticking around, and Leah is aware they can only have a fling, but she can't resist him.

Leah's unrequited love for Zach has haunted her adult life, even though she has been married—and divorced—once already. In NO PLACE LIKE YOU, the return of Zach to Cloud Bay is big news because he hasn't been back in a long time and the festival is right around the corner. He makes tentative peace with Faith and his other sister, Mina, but he still feels like a stranger on the island. Zach is restless and wants to be a big rock star like his late father, but fate has been putting obstacles in his path. He figures a fresh start is needed by recording a solo album. Zach isn't looking for commitment, and Leah declares she isn't wanting one. But deep down, they're falling in love…

NO PLACE LIKE YOU is the third tale in the Cloud Bay series by Emma Douglas about the three Harper siblings who are carrying on the family tradition on Cloud Bay. While the siblings interact with one another in this tale, each book can be read as a standalone without too much difficulty. Zach hasn't been around much the past few years, but he is always on everyone's mind while he seeks fame in the music industry. Zach's sisters, Faith and Mina, have found love (NEED YOU NOW and A SEASON OF LOVE, both out now), but now it's his turn—with Leah. They have an affable friendship, but a deeper attraction finally bubbles to the surface in NO PLACE LIKE YOU. They plan to keep their fling a secret, but will everyone figure it out on this small island?  Zach and Leah might be surprised at the answer.

NO PLACE LIKE YOU is a sizzling tale of hope and perseverance as the attraction between Leah and Zach never really died despite the distance and years gone by. But he has big plans to become famous; can Leah fit into his life? Does she even want to change her quiet lifestyle on Cloud Bay and follow him on his path to stardom? Zach and Leah will need to make some decisions, and readers will be rooting for them to make the right one that involves a happily-ever-after. An engaging story that's hard to put down, grab a copy of NO PLACE LIKE YOU.

Patti Fischer