ISBN: 978-1-4201-3420-9
October 2014
Contemporary Romance

Littleton, Colorado - Present Day

Once again the Christmas season is upon Lindsay Miller, and as she tries to write out her Christmas cards with A Christmas Carol on the television in the background, she once again laments the fact that she didn't start earlier.  The ringing of the doorbell brings a temporary reprieve from trying to figure out what to write.  Or it would have, if the person at the door wasn't a stranger who very closely resembles the character playing Fred on her TV, right down to the top hat and greatcoat.  The mystery man at her door not only knows her name, but claims to be there to help her get into the Christmas spirit.

Fred has been sent to show Lindsay the joy that can be found when you slow down enough to appreciate everything the season is about.  He's been given all the information he needs to get Lindsay to trust him as well as to listen to him, including the fact that reconciling with her former boyfriend is instrumental in helping her.  But as Fred assists Lindsay in her holiday preparations while taking the time to enjoy the results of their work, he realizes he has feelings for her himself.  Fred is supposed to be doing what's in Lindsay's best interest, but he can't help but wonder if her best interests could include him.

NO CHRISTMAS LIKE THE PRESENT is a heart-warming holiday romance.  Unlike her favorite Christmas story, Lindsay hasn't quite reached the bah humbug stage, but she is so intent on getting everything done and done right, that she's stopped enjoying the holidays.  Between presents, cards, fudge, and parties, she is too busy to even put up a real Christmas tree or decorate her apartment.  At first she's wary of Fred, but he's just too good-natured to mean her harm.  As he helps her to live in the present, she starts to fall for Fred, but he's only going to be with her until Christmas Day.

A sweet romance and a thoroughly enjoyable tale, NO CHRISTMAS LIKE THE PRESENT is the perfect novel to get you in the mood for the holidays.

Jennifer Bishop