ISBN: 978-1-4201-3422-3
October 2015
Contemporary Romance

Tall Pine, California

Eight-year-old Mandy Reese became a Tall Pine celebrity for one main reason she professes to have seen Santa Claus in her home one Christmas Eve. Now an adult, Mandy works at a Christmas store which capitalizes on her fame. Her love of the holiday is well known, and, since the death of her mother, even Mandy's home stays decorated year-round. Then one day a handsome stranger wanders into the store, and Mandy is instantly attracted. She finds out that Jake Wyndham is in town to scope out a site for a major hotel chain. They start dating, and it's clear that Mandy's famous sighting will probably not sit well with the practical Jake.

Jake has been all over the country in his job, but meeting Mandy makes Tall Pine a very different, and very special place. Mandy is bubbly, intelligent, and devoted to her small town. They seem to have a lot in common, too. And Tall Pine is growing on him. There is something about the place that makes him feel like he's at home.

Mandy's hesitancy to reveal her secret to Jake starts to bother her. Pragmatic Jake doesn't seem the type to believe that such a thing could happen. What if he laughs at her? What if he doesn't want to see her any longer? She agonizes over her decision, and finally decides to tell him.

How will Jake respond to Mandy's revelation? DO YOU BELIEVE IN SANTA is a sweet little tale that will warm readers' hearts, and bring a smile. Mandy is a kind, loving person who has much to give to the right man. Will that be Jake? You'll have to read this story to find out. DO YOU BELIEVE IN SANTA will have you ready for the Season!

Jani Brooks