The Jameson Heirs
, Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2568
ISBN: 978-1-335-97128-9
January 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Washington, DC – Present Day

Billionaire businessman Derrick Jameson is facing a tough public relations test when a man he fired for stealing money from his company is attacking him in vicious You Tube videos. To counter the attack, Derrick goes after the man's sister, Ellie Gold, and forces her to accept his request that they pretend to be dating…and then enter into a fake engagement. Derrick figures the gossip about their romance will overshadow the fallout from the videos. He has the upper hand, because Ellie is out of work and needs money, plus she is protective of her brother, who could face jail if she doesn't cooperate. While their “arrangement” is purely a business one, will their mutual sexual attraction take them all the way to the bedroom?

Ellie has protected her younger brother, Noah, most of his life due to his medical condition, but now he's gotten in way too deep and it's hurting her. She just lost her job after her supervisor came on to her—and then he accused her of being the instigator and she was fired. Ellie can't find a job due to the circumstances of her last job, and Derrick offers to help, but only if she cooperates with him. Does she want to get involved with a billionaire who has power over her family? It doesn't help that there are rumors about their “romance” already being leaked to the gossip rags, which kind of forces her hand. After all, maybe the “wow factor” will wear off if they're seen about town. But being thrown together only intensifies the red-hot attraction between them.

PREGNANT BY THE CEO brings readers into the lives of DC's elite and power-hungry families. Derrick's family is one of the oldest in the city, with powerful connections, but headed by a father who wants to control his sons. Derrick won't let his father get the upper hand on him and needs to quell the bad publicity that Noah Gold has created. Ellie is the logical path to fixing things, and it helps that she's beautiful and single. Their chemistry sizzles, even as she at first rejects his offer to help her land a job and keep her brother out of trouble.

Despite the pregnancy in the title, PREGNANT BY THE CEO is not a slam bang, she's pregnant tale. The romance between Derrick and Ellie starts off slowly, mainly with him showing up to niggle her a little with a reminder of what she can do to help herself and Noah. Slowly, Derrick breaks down the wall Ellie has put up, and they're soon locking lips. The passion between them scares them both—he's not a man looking for commitment, while she doesn't want to be controlled by a powerful man, even if he is sexy and disarmingly attractive. It's a battle of wills, one that will eventually lead them to the bedroom. Once that happens, will their fake engagement become the real deal?

PREGNANT BY THE CEO is the first book by HelenKay Dimon in The Jameson Heirs , which is about Derrick and his brothers. Readers won't want to wait to find out who is next. A fun and enjoyable tale, be sure to snatch up a copy of PREGNANT BY THE CEO.

Patti Fischer