PLAYING DIRTY – HelenKay Dimon
Bad Boys Undercover,
Book One
ISBN: 978-0-06-233005-5
February 2015
Romantic Suspense

Outside of Washington, D.C. – Present Day

Ford Decker works for Alliance, an elite, undercover special forces group run by both MI6 and the CIA. He has a team he trusts, and truly believes in what he's doing. And for that reason, he's willing to go above and beyond to save his country—and even the world. Dangerous situations are just part of the job, so when a deadly toxin goes missing from a top secret lab, Ford is immediately on the case. And hey, keeping an eye on the suspect's good looking cousin to make sure she's not involved isn't the biggest hardship. But keeping his hands off her, that's the real tough job.

Shay is worried about her cousin. He hasn't contacted her in several weeks, and while he does get wrapped up in his work now and again, she's worried that things aren't going well. Luckily, she has Ford keeping her mind off the rough stuff, such as her cousin's disappearance and her uncle's strange attitude. As their relationship grows stronger, Shay realizes she relies on and trusts Ford. But when she finds out the truth about his identity, and why he moved near her in the first place, can she get past all the lies?

PLAYING DIRTY is unlike any romance you've encountered before. Ford and Shay already know one another and have started their relationship when we first meet them. In this novel, the romance is more about maintaining that relationship despite the trust issues the two have, not to mention the terrorist threat looming throughout the story. Despite their problems and the constant struggle, readers can see that Ford and Shay are made for each other, and everyone is rooting for a happy ending.

Fast-paced, with plenty of special forces action, PLAYING DIRTY is a thrill ride from start to finish. Author HelenKay Dimon throws readers right into the story, and we're on the edge of our seats for the entire book. Don't miss Ford and Shay's story!

PLAYING DIRTY is preceded by RUNNING HOT (DEC 2014), a prequel e-book novella. And be on the lookout for FALLING HARD, coming May 2015!

Amanda Toth