Bad Boys Undercover
, Book 3
Avon Books
ISBN-13: 978-0-06-233009-3
October 2015
Romantic Suspense

Paris, France Present Day

Josiah King belongs to the Alliance, a black ops group put together with the best of the best operatives from the United States and the UK.  They are watching a live feed on a life-size monitor of Josiah's uncle with a bomb attached to his chest sent from their latest target, Benton.  The Alliance almost killed Benton over a year ago, but he escaped, and now he is letting them know he will kill someone from each and every member of the Alliance's family as repayment.  Seeing his uncle blown up renders Josiah so enraged he almost can't contain himself, but also despairing of what might happen to others.

Sutton Dahl is in Paris doing an investigation of a man named Ryan Bane, the man who caused the murder of her mother, a police officer, over seven years ago.  Using her private investigator skills, she has found out where he came from, and how he moves around the world without leaving any knowledge of himself behind.  But she knows where his office is, and breaks in and looks for any evidence to connect him to the murder of her mother.  Almost getting caught, she hides, but meets Bane standing by the elevator when she leaves the office.  Of course, Bane had cameras in the office and knew what she was doing, but not who she was.  It might be time for Sutton to be taken care of.

Computer techs for the Alliance have found proof someone is also checking into the identity of Benton and nosing in their business, so Josiah and Mike pay a visit to Sutton.  Just after they break in, Bane also is there shooting, and it is only with luck they manage to escape, and Josiah takes her to a safe house.  Sutton doesn't know what is going on and who these men are that kidnapped her and keep asking about someone named Benton.  Is he the same Bane she has been looking for and found?  They soon must go back to England as a son of another member of the Alliance is now the next victim of Benton.  They have to bring Sutton with them; she could be telling the truth that she was investigating Benton, or maybe she is a plant of his and working for him; they cannot be sure yet.

HelenKay Dimon once again introduces us to the Alliance and the brave and scary people working there.  Told from Sutton's and Josiah's points of view, Sutton has tried to get the FBI to investigate her mother's death, but they declared it a car accident.  She has spent a long time investigating Bane and getting closer and closer all the time.  He will not get away with what he has done.  The Alliance almost had Benton a year ago, and despite being badly burned, he escaped.  Now Josiah and his team are trying as hard as they can to figure out what he is up to, until Josiah's uncle is murdered.  Is Sutton a part of Benton's evil plans, or does she have knowledge of him that she is refusing to share?

Secondary characters are all the members of the Alliance, especially Mike, Josiah's right hand man with a secret part of his life he is unwilling to share.  Ellery is the computer whiz, and Tasha is the leader of their group.  Harlan was captured by Benton, and the loss of his life almost brings Josiah to the edge of despair.

FACING FIRE is full of excitement, tension, mile-a-minute action, and looking into the soul of an evil man, and the souls of the men and women who try to save the world, because, hey, the bad guys just don't stop coming.  Book 3 of the Bad Boys Undercover series follows PLAYING DIRTY (January 2015) and FALLING HARD (May 2015).  FACING FIRE is an excellent addition to the Alliance; try all of them as soon as possible!

Carolyn Crisher