Entity Series , Book 2
St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-0-312-54780-6
July 2013
Paranormal Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Zoe Adams and her Grandmother Irma are from a long line of witches. While neither Zoe nor Irma practice black magic, they still had to leave Boston or face consequences they didn't want to face.  Irma Adams met Nick St. George several years ago, and they became friends…of a sort.  He did say Irma was welcome in his town anytime, and Irma can't think of a better time than NOW to visit.   Zoe was relieved to have a place to relocate, but her relief is short lived when she realizes their new place is smack in the middle of Vamp town—a neighborhood in Chicago inhabited and run by vampires.  Vampires and witches aren't mortal enemies, but Damon Thornheart, chief of security in Vamp town, sure acts as if they are.  Nick St. George is pleasant enough, for a vampire, but Damon makes Zoe want to take her grandma and run.  Except they don't have anywhere to go.

Damon Thornheart has a one year contract as head of security for Nick St. George.  He's a vampire, but he's also a demon slayer.  Of course there are no demons in Vamp town.  At least there weren't until the witches, Zoe and Irma, arrived and accidentally unleashed them.

Damon finds himself drawn to Zoe despite his intense dislike of witches (which stems from his past) and the fact that she and her grandmother are responsible for the current demon infestation. Zoe is equally attracted to Damon, and though she fights the attraction, there is just something about the dark and sexy vampire that calls the woman inside the witch.

While hormones rage, and demons terrorize, Damon and Zoe must work together to save Vamp Town and its inhabitants.

THE ENTITY WITHIN is the second book in the Entity series, and while I had my doubts anything could be as fun and entertaining as SLEEPING WITH THE ENTITY, I am happy to report THE ENTITY WITHIN surpassed my expectations.  While there is not quite as much humor in THE ENTITY WITHIN, the story and characters are just as engaging and just as likeable as those in the previous book.  Nick and Daniella, his wife and cupcake maker, are featured prominently as are Tanya, the vampire tanning salon owner, Neville the nerd vampire, and Pat the vampire tattoo artist.  And while all of them are entertaining, Irma Adams steals the show as a secondary character.

Engaging dialogue and a solid pace coupled with a cast of delightful characters make THE ENTITY WITHIN a top notch paranormal romance.  The demons are demonic and not friendly at all, but even their dialogue had moments of extreme humor.  THE ENTITY WITHIN is sexy, and a joy to read.  I absolutely love these characters and this series and am impatiently waiting to see what Ms. Devon has in store for us next.  Filled with passion, humor, a smidge of danger, and characters who leap off the page and into your heart, THE ENTITY WITHIN is a winner!  Don't miss it or its predecessor, SLEEPING WITH THE ENTITY. Paranormal romance fans are in for a delightful treat!

Terrie Figueroa