, Book 4
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9781250059154
September 2015
Paranormal Romance

Present Day – Chicago, Illinois

Keira goes straight to Alex's desk in the police department to demand why nothing is being done about a series of thefts from local blood banks. He's the perfect detective for the job, after all…considering he's a vampire. Keira may have just learned about the paranormal world, but she knows enough to not trust vampires, especially when blood is being stolen from people who desperately need it.

To say Alex is surprised that this woman knows what he is would be an understatement, and unfortunately, he can't compel her to forget. Despite what he says, she won't believe that he's not responsible for the blood thefts, and that he is indeed on the case – as both a vampire and a detective. But apparently Keira is more involved in this than just as a concerned citizen, and it's up to Alex to figure out how.

The newest book in the Entity series is definitely a fast-paced read. The action, and certainly the romance as well, is nonstop from page one, making this a book readers will gobble up in one sitting. Fans of the previous books will enjoy seeing their favorite characters again, and they play a major role in Alex and Keira's budding relationship.

Unfortunately, this book falls under the umbrella of “telling, not showing” which can be a turn off for some readers. But fans of paranormal romance will find some redeeming qualities in the characters and story, which may make it all worthwhile.

TALL, DARK, AND IMMORTAL is the fourth book in the series, following LOVE YOUR ENTITY (DEC 2013), but can be read as a stand-alone. Previous characters from the series do show up, but new readers can jump right in. As of the date this review was written, there is no news for another book in the series.

Amanda Toth