Entity Series , Book 1
St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-0-312-59146-5
June 2013
Paranormal Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Daniella Delaney has returned to her hometown and old neighborhood to open a cupcake shop, Heavenly Cupcakes.  The only problem is the head of the local business association does not want her to open her business.  Daniella is determined to convince Nick St. George that her business will be an asset to the neighborhood.  With their first meeting Daniella realizes Nick is no cupcake, and she has her work cut out for her, especially when she can't even tempt Nick to try her to-die-for Red Velvet cupcakes.  But Daniella isn't daunted; she's cheerful and optimistic and just knows her business is going to be a great success.

Nick St. George, president of the local business association and owner of the bar and grill that does not serve food is determined to keep the perky cupcake maker out of his neighborhood.  She may be cute, she maybe stubborn, but with his ability to compel humans she is no match for the head vampire in Vamptown.  Right?  Wrong.  Hard as he tries, Nick cannot compel Daniella to change her plans; heck he can't even compel her to stop talking!

What started out as a battle between Daniella and Nick soon turns into a battle to resist temptation for both Nick and Daniella. It also turns into a battle between the Vamptown vampire enclave and the Gold Coast enclave over Daniella, a human immune to vampire compulsion.  Who will win this battle, the cupcake maker or the vampires, and which vampires?

A fast pace, lively dialogue and extremely likable characters fill the pages of SLEEPING WITH THE ENTITY.  I loved Daniella optimistic and energetic—she even handles finding out there are vampires in her neighborhood well.  Okay, maybe well is too strong a word—she only freaks out a little—okay, a lot when she finds out the man of her lust filled dreams is not man at all but a blood drinking vampire!  Nick takes his responsibility as the leader of the Vamptown vampires seriously and any threat to his enclave makes him want to go all vamp on the threat—except Daniella makes him want to do a lot of things, but going vamp is not one of them.  Nick is determined to protect his vampire neighborhood and Daniella no matter what the cost.

SLEEPING WITH THE ENTITY is humorous, sexy, and loads of fun!  Daniella and Nick are complete opposites and yet they fit.  Secondary characters include Pat, the vampire tattoo artist and his partner, a former clown turned vampire; the tanning salon owner, Tanya; Neville the vampire computer whiz, and Lois, who looks a lot like Ms. Cunningham on Happy Days and works part-time for the vampire dentist.  This is the first book in what promises to be a fun series, and I look forward to reading the next book in the series, THE ENTITY WITHIN out in July 2013.  If you enjoy vampire romance, humor, passion, a bit of danger, and Red Velvet cupcakes you will love SLEEPING WITH THE ENITY.  Put it on your list of must reads and go out and get it today!

Terrie Figueroa