Edilean Trilogy , Book 2
Pocket Books
ISBN: 978-1-4165-0975-2
September 2012
Contemporary Romance

Edilean, Virginia, 2011

Kim Aldredge comes from a large, loving extended family; she was a happy, exuberant child of eight when Travis Merritt and his mother came to town for a few weeks. Travis was a solemn, home schooled lonely boy of twelve at the time who didn't even know how to ride a bicycle when Kim came upon him. Kim decided she would have to teach Travis how to have fun. Those two weeks were enlightening, and they changed him forever. Kim never forgot Travis and longed for the time he would come back as he promised. But eighteen years were to go by before that came to pass . . . .

Kim has a successful jewelry design business, selling in her own shop as well as in stores outside of Edilean. She owns her own house and has a boyfriend for whom she has mild feelings…perhaps it's time to settle.

After getting a law degree, Travis refused to work for his ruthless, multi-millionaire father and indulged himself in extreme sports and even did a stint as a Hollywood stuntman. But then his formerly compliant mother stiffened her spine and ran away from his father, helping herself to a million or two before going into hiding. Travis—whose real last name is Maxwell—made a deal with his father to stay in New York and work for him in exchange for a promise to leave his mother be. After a few years, he gets word that his mother wants a divorce so that she can re-marry. Travis knows where his mother lives…. He sets out for Edilean to take his mother's side against his father. It's time for him to return to the scene of the happiest days of his life. Travis arrives in town just as a wedding reception is taking place; he fervently hopes it's not Kim's.

STRANGER IN THE MOONLIGHT has a many-layered plot with lots of interesting characters, many of whom are Kim's relatives and others from the excellent first book in the series, MOONLIGHT IN THE MORNING. The captivating reunion of Kim and Travis, as well as the many surprising twists, will keep readers turning the pages in this new work and have them looking forward to a third novel, MOONLIGHT MASQUERADE

Jane Bowers