THROUGH THE NIGHT - Janelle Denison
The Reliance Group , Book 3
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-0-312-37231-6
April 2012
Romantic Suspense

Las Vegas, Nevada, and Other Places - Present Day

Though she's attracted to the gorgeous guy who just won big at the craps table, Valerie Downing, the Executive Hostess at the Onyx Casino, rejects his offer to join him for a complimentary dinner on the casino.  She's made it a point to never accept such offers and keeps business completely separate from pleasure.  Of course, since being burned so badly by a former boyfriend, Valerie doesn't indulge much in the way of pleasure, but this man could tempt a saint.  When Valerie later meets with her boss Caleb, she's surprised to find the gorgeous guy in Caleb's office.  It seems her latest mission with The Reliance Group will involve this man, Chase Pierson. 

With his gift of psychometry, Chase is able to find rare items of historical significance.  His latest find is part of a walking stick once owned by Al Capone.  The vision he got when he held the top part of the cane showed Chase that retrieving the other half of the cane will lead to a treasure unimaginable.  Unfortunately, his gift has only taken him so far, and he needs some help.  Since he is selling the cane to the owner of the Onyx Casino, he is put in touch with Caleb and, in turn, Valerie.  Hopefully her gift of clairvoyance will help him figure out where the other half of the cane is.

From the moment they shake hands, there is a spark between them, and Valerie has no intention of finding out where the spark could lead.  Chase is too charming, and too confident, and Valerie isn't about to risk her heart again.  But will she be able to hold out against him while chasing down treasure and enjoying an unusual adventure? 

In THROUGH THE NIGHT, both Valerie's and Chase's lives have been shaped by their unique gifts.  Valerie was too young to understand what her visions meant when she “saw” her parents die in a car crash, so was unable to stop the accident.  She was later used for her gift, and only through the Reliance Group has she felt it useful—but usually for darker reasons.  Chase's psychometry came as a result of a lightning strike that killed his friend, and his family—already unhappy with him—disowned him because of his choice to use his gift to find rare objects.  Both Valerie and Chase have learned to distance themselves from people, and neither trusts in a lasting relationship.  Yet, during their first meeting, each of them realizes that the other is someone who could be important to them—if they allow it to happen.  While they search for the missing piece of the cane, and deal with the obstacles that pop up along the way, Valerie and Chase both learn that letting someone into their lives—and hearts—isn't such a bad thing.

Each story in The Reliance Gro up series focuses on one couple and the mission they are involved in, so the stories don't necessarily have to be read in order.  Characters from the earlier novels make appearances, and they are a close group, so it may help to have that foundation in place, but THROUGH THE NIGHT can stand very well on its own.  A captivating tale with fun characters, don't miss THROUGH THE NIGHT.

Jennifer Bishop