YOUR RANCH…OR MINE? – Kathie DeNosky
The Good, the Bad and the Texan , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2299
ISBN: 978-0-373-73312-5
May 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Last Chance Ranch, Texas – Present Day

Lane Donaldson is in the midst of a party with family and friends celebrating winning half of Last Chance Ranch at a poker game when a pretty woman named Taylor Scott shows up and informs him that she owns the other half. Lane had won half the ranch from Taylor's now deceased grandfather, and she is determined to get his half back. She won't leave, so Lane has to contend with having her as a guest in his house where she's a temptation he really should resist.

Taylor is sure that Lane swindled her grandfather out of half the ranch, and she's going to get it back. Lane has the necessary paperwork to back up his claim, and could have thrown her off the ranch, but he's willing to listen to her. While Taylor doesn't know how to play poker, she agrees to a winner takes all match against Lane—with him as her instructor. As Taylor and Lane grow closer, the sparks fly between them, and the sexual attraction can't be denied. But will their poker match prove to be the end of any possible future together for them?

A sexy tale that plays off the scorching chemistry between Lane and Taylor, YOUR RANCH…OR MINE? is packed with emotion and passion. Lane was a troubled teen who landed first in foster care, then in the capable hands of a man who turned him around. Lane and his foster brothers are close, and living near some of them at the Last Chance Ranch was an opportunity he couldn't turn down. From the first moment he met Taylor, he wished they'd met under different circumstances, but he won the ranch fair and square. While bedding her might complicate things, there is no way he can change the fact that he's attracted to her.

Taylor lost her grandfather and sees the ranch as her legacy, especially since she's inherited the other half. Lane is the interloper, and he should, at the very least, sell her his half. They're both stubborn and determined, but nothing can deny the sexually charged passion that explodes between them. Will Taylor get back the whole ranch, or will she lose both it and her heart?

Stakes are high, as is the emotion in YOUR RANCH…OR MINE? by Kathie DeNosky. Part of her series, The Good, the Bad and the Texan , which is about the foster brothers raised together and how they support each other and the women who tame them. One can read this tale as a standalone, although there are scenes with the other foster brothers. Of course, the men can also rib each other, as the chemistry between Lane and Taylor is clear to all. Yet even as they explore their mutual attraction, the fate of the Last Chance Ranch threatens to shatter their tentative truce. A man tormented by his childhood, Lane doesn't let many women get close, but he'll have to reveal all to Taylor—and figure out how they can both win in the battle for the ranch—and love—in YOUR RANCH…OR MINE? 

Patti Fischer