Harlequin Desire #2467
ISBN: 978-0-373-73480-1
September 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Wolf Creek Ranch, Wyoming – Present Day

Eight months ago, rancher Blake Hartwell and Karly Ewing met in Las Vegas and had a whirlwind affair that ended in their quickie marriage after one week. But after Karly returned to Seattle, she changed her mind about moving to Wyoming where Blake lived. She asked for a divorce, no harm, no foul. He put it behind him as a bad experience and moved on with his life, but one day she shows up at his ranch with the news that their divorce papers weren't filed and are lost. She needs him to sign them again and she'll be on her way. He agrees, but before she can leave, she ends up stranded, and he asks her to stay the night with him in his house.

Blake feels betrayed by Karly's decision to back out of their marriage. She hadn't even tried to live with him in Wyoming and, instead, just threw away their love. Being around each other again rekindles the flames. She mistakenly thinks he's an employee of the ranch, not realizing he owns it and is a millionaire. He doesn't dispute her belief, because he's been burned by gold-diggers in the past. She is trying to keep him at an arm's length, but he wonders if he can convince her to give their marriage a try and see how good life on the ranch is. He embarks on his campaign, and soon the sizzling attraction from Vegas is back in full force. Can Blake convince Karly to change their one-week marriage to one that will last a lifetime?

Instant attraction hit Blake and Karly in THE RANCHER'S ONE-WEEK WIFE from Kathie DeNosky. That week in Las Vegas they spent a lot of the time in bed, with little talking done, so she doesn't know how wealthy he is. He also doesn't know how her mother left her career for marriage and blamed Karly's father for her unhappiness. Karly wondered if history would repeat itself if she followed Blake to Wyoming, only to find herself unhappy and no longer in love. What she doesn't know is that Blake can provide her with whatever she wants, including a place for her to continue her career.

Blake fought hard to win the Wolf Creek Ranch from his gold digging step-mother after his father died, so one can understand his reluctance to lay it out on the table about how wealthy he is. He wants to be loved for himself, and not due to the amount in his bank account. The moment he met Karly, he wanted her and they were inseparable that week. Too bad their insecurities weren't revealed to each other and their fears dealt with. Instead, it manifested itself as a distrust of letting their hearts overrule their fears.

It doesn't take long in THE RANCHER'S ONE-WEEK WIFE for the sizzling chemistry they knew in Vegas to return. Blake wants to take Karly to bed, but she's reluctant, mainly because she thinks it will jeopardize their divorce plans. But with plenty of cajoling and making Karly relax, Blake finally gets her into his bed, where he doesn't want her to leave…ever.

A husband and wife rekindle their romance in THE RANCHER'S ONE-WEEK WIFE, but can they let down their barriers and find a happily-ever-after? Find out in this entertaining tale.

Patti Fischer