Dynasties: The Lassiters , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2312
ISBN: 978-0-373-73325-5
July 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Cheyenne, Wyoming – Present Day

After the controversy over the contents of the will belonging to the late J.D. Lassiter, public relations expert Felicity “Fee” Sinclair is brought in to shore up the family's image. While attending a Lassiter wedding, she spots a handsome cowboy watching her. It turns out he's Chance Lassiter, a cousin, and he runs the family ranch. They click upon meeting, with Fee immediately seeing an opportunity to use Chance in her PR campaign. He resists, until he dangles a counteroffer in front of her: spend two weeks on his ranch—in his home—and she can try to convince him. Fee knows where this is headed, and to be honest, she is more than willing to have a fling with her sexy cowboy.

After discovering his late father had an affair that produced a child, Chance decided he isn't the marrying kind and plans to remain single. Fee shouldn't be the type anyway that he gets involved with, as she's a city slicker, yet he finds himself strongly attracted to her. He embarks on a campaign of seduction, which she easily reciprocates. Soon they're making love night after night and their relationship deepens. But Chance wonders how a ranch loving cowboy can make a future with a woman who prefers the city?

Scandals swirl around the Lassiter family in this intriguing series, and LURED BY THE RANCHER is no exception. If you haven't read the prior books in the Lassiter series, then it might prove a bit difficult to understand all that is going on, especially with the other members of the family. Chance only recently discovered he had an illegitimate half-sister, and he's still reeling from his father's deceit. His cousin, Angelica, is upset over the contents of the will and is bent on making waves, no matter how it impacts the family. Fee is brought in to repair the Lassiter image, and she latches upon the idea of using Chance—a strong, sexy cowboy—as a selling point that all is well in the Lassiter family.

Fee has never been on a ranch before, so she's soon treated to early morning rises, horse riding and other eye-opening experiences that is just part of Chance's life. After finally giving into their sexual attraction, Chance and Fee settle into a relationship that soon has Chance thinking marriage. What is happening to him? Could it be…he's fallen in love? But Fee watched her mother pine for a man who turned out not to be a good match, so she doesn't want the same thing to happen to her. However, is she making a mistake to not consider a future with Chance? In LURED BY THE RANCHER, Chance and Fee have to hurdle a few obstacles, but will love win out in the end?

A sensual and emotional tale, LURED BY THE RANCHER will pull you into caring what happens to Chance and Fee. Add in the intrigue in the background that is the Lassiter family dramatics, then LURED BY THE RANCHER is a book readers won't want to miss.

Patti Fischer