The Texas Cattleman's Club: The Missing Mogul, Book 6
Harlequin Desire #2270
ISBN: 978-0-373-73283-8
December 2013
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Kiley Roberts is anxious to keep the daycare center at the Texas Cattleman's Club running, so money from the club is important, which means she must face the committee to ask for more funding. But Josh Gordon is on the committee, and the one man she doesn't want to see. He still hasn't recognized her as the woman he accidentally made love to three years ago—she was sleeping in her sister's bed and both mistook the other for someone else. Yet when they meet again and she reveals who she is, the air sizzles between them. Josh indicates he wants to date Kiley, but she is a single mother to two year old Emmie, and dating is difficult. To her surprise, Josh becomes a part of her and Emmie's life, and it is then that she realizes that there is a strong resemblance between him and her daughter. Emmie just may not be her ex-husband's child after all.

Josh has had his share of pretty women in his life, but he still can't forget the accidental lovemaking to his then girlfriend's sister, Kiley. The chemistry between him and Kiley is obvious, yet she tries to keep him at arm's length. Her little girl is adorable, and for a man who isn't comfortable around children, he suddenly is spending time with them. But the more he pushes to draw closer to Kiley, the harder she resists. Is Josh thinking about a future with Kiley and Emmie? How will he react when he learns that he may be the father of her little girl?

Three years ago, Josh stumbled drunkenly into a bed, thinking the woman in it was his girlfriend, and made love to her. Then he discovered it was really Kiley, and she thought he was her boyfriend. Both are embarrassed, yet secretly remember it as the best sex they ever had. Now they are face to face again, and the heat between them sizzles, but Josh wonders how he can get involved with a single mother, while Kiley is scared of the attraction she feels for Josh. Her daughter comes first in her life. In IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, Josh has to spend a lot of time convincing Kiley that he is serious about dating her, and that he understands her devotion to Emmie. Yet the more he's around them, the greater he begins to enjoy the “family” they appear to become. Once Kiley begins to put the pieces together, she realizes she has to let Josh know that he is Emmie's father, but she wonders if it will destroy or help their relationship? She also doesn't want to jeopardize her job at the daycare center, because without it, she would be unable to support herself and Emmie.

IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT is part of The Texas Cattleman's Club: The Missing Mogul series, and  a few of the characters pop up in this tale, with the main discussion between them about the mysterious disappearance—and return—of the missing businessman who has no memory of what happened. While one could read this book as a standalone, I suggest reading each book in the monthly series that began in July 2013.

An interesting tale that will have readers wondering how long it takes before Kiley and Josh discover the result of what really happened that night in IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT.

Patti Fischer