Texas Cattleman's Club: After the Storm , Book 7
Harlequin Desire #2365
ISBN: 978-0-373-73378-1
April 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

After the tornado devastated parts of Royal, construction tycoon Colby Richardson was one of the first to step in to provide help in rebuilding, even as he buried his twin brother, Craig, who lost his life in the storm. Colby has avoided interacting with his brother's wife, Paige, as there is a history between them that he doesn't want to revisit. Years ago, Colby was attracted to Paige, but his brother wooed and won her hand in marriage. But Colby can no longer avoid Paige as he now is going to rebuild her barn which was damaged in the tornado. She invites him to move in temporarily to be closer to the job, and while he'd rather not stay in close quarters with her, he can't turn her offer down.

Paige wonders why Colby has been so distant to her. Once they were good friends and she thought maybe they'd have something more, but he rejected her. She accepted the attention of Craig, but unexpectedly got pregnant, forcing them to marry. But their marriage was not good, and only her honor to her vows kept her from leaving. Now widowed, she wants to rekindle the friendship with Colby, but he rebuffs her, but the closeness has desire rising. Colby tries to ignore it, but one night during a storm, as he comforts her, the sexual tension boils over and they make love. Is it the start of something more?

As the final book in the Texas Cattleman's Club: After the Storm series, FOR HIS BROTHER'S WIFE centers on Paige and Colby Richardson, once teenage would-be lovers, but they found their future together blocked by his brother Craig. What Paige doesn't know is that a vicious fight broke out between the brothers about her, and they hadn't spoken since. It also doesn't take long before Colby learns that Paige was a pawn in his evil twin's plan of revenge. Paige is a sweet woman, one who was devoted to her marriage, if not to her husband. Living under the same roof as the man she fell in love with years ago ramps up the desire for him, and she wants more than anything to start over with him. But Colby doesn't want to hurt her…again.

Colby's marriage to Craig wasn't perfect, but she hung on, even after her miscarriage soon after they married. She is a nurturer, so it is only natural asking Colby to move in while he is rebuilding the barn. But being around him rekindles the passion, which leads to lovemaking. The next morning, she wonders if he regrets what happened, but before they can discuss it, Colby is injured and requires that Paige take care of him. Of course, while under the influence of medication he reveals a bit more than he would have liked, specifically how much he still wants Paige. Yet when he's better, he still rejects her tentative attempts at reconciliation. Is there any way they can repair the damage done to their relationship by a man who is no longer alive?

An emotional tale that reunites a couple who was driven apart by the interference of another man, it's a chance for redemption for both Paige and Colby in FOR HIS BROTHER'S WIFE by Kathie DeNosky. They have a lot of barriers to overcome, including the rebuilding from the tornado and the damage done by Craig, but in the end they are due for their happily-ever-after.

Patti Fischer