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A Crossfire Novel , Book 2
Berkley Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-425-26391-4
November 2012
Erotic Contemporary Romance

New York City – Present Day

Note: As REFLECTED IN YOU is the second book in the Crossfire series, it's helpful to have read BARED TO YOU to see how Eva and Gideon met and their relationship began.

Eva Tramell is just starting to feel somewhat secure in her relationship with the moody Gideon Cross when things begin to happen that have her emotions on a rollercoaster. He hasn't stopped being seen around town with his ex-girlfriend, Corinne, even as he continues to display his possessiveness toward Eva that threatens to tighten the hold he has on her. Even worse, Eva wants to be the one calling the shots, but Gideon resists, leaving her in one emotional quagmire after another. Should she just walk away from the man she can't live without? Wherever she turns or tries to do something independent of Gideon, there he is, reminding her that she is his and that she answers to no one but him. Eva may have a promise ring from Gideon, but he isn't promising her anything.

Both have tortured pasts, but while Eva finally opens up to Gideon, he still refuses to divulge what torments his dreams into full-fledged nightmares. This causes tension between them, leading to his absence from her life, yet Gideon is never far away since she works in his building and he seems to have eyes everywhere. Eva can't make a move without Gideon knowing about it. While one part of her relishes his paranoid possessiveness, it makes her angry that she may be nothing more than a temporary sex slave for him. Of course, the sex between them is hotter than hell and as frequent or whenever Gideon wants it. Then there are the secrets he's holding inside. He's a dark and dangerous man who scares Eva as much as his passion thrills her.

When a crisis has Eva running to her best friend (and roommate) Cary, Gideon is at her side, but then abruptly he is gone. This is unfortunately the nature of their relationship. The “abandonment” leaves Eva fretful and annoyed. Why can't Gideon open up to her just as she did to him? Eva is a bit of a spoiled heiress who needs confirmation that the man in her life adores her exclusively. While Gideon can be attentive in the most sexual of ways, he isn't about to open his innermost feelings to any woman. Will Eva realize this, or is she doomed to have their affair end before it's barely begun?

REFLECTED IN YOU is an intense, dark erotica that will pull you in right from the start. If you read BARED TO YOU, then you know how in the beginning Eva fought her attraction to the highly charismatic Gideon. To be possessed by him is to give up her heart and soul and turn them over to a man whose needs are powerful and insatiable. The first part of this tale focuses on Eva's continued insecurities with Gideon, and then becomes a bit of “did that really happen?” Eva strikes out at Gideon, yet in the end she realizes that she can't live without him.

Sylvia Day's writing is intense and emotional as she delves into Eva's and Gideon's insatiable need for each other while trying to deal with their pasts. Will they begin to trust one another? BARED TO YOU and REFLECTED IN You are two of the hottest (no pun intended) books around, so I urge readers to see why and be prepared to be sucked into the emotional drama and sexual energy.

Next up…ENTWINED IN YOU, scheduled to arrive in stores May 2013.

Holly Tibbs