Gallery Books
ISBN: 978-1-4767-3060-8
December 2013
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Las Vegas, Nevada and Santa Monica, California - Present Day

Kasie Fitzgerald has spent her whole life living by the rules.  She's put her MBA from Harvard to good use at the global consulting firm she works for, and her six year relationship with Dave is inexorably moving towards an engagement.  So, she can't quite understand why she's dressed in a provocative bandage dress, about to head down to the Venetian's casino to play blackjack and flirt with a stranger.  When the man the dealer calls Mr. Dade sits next to Kasie and proposes to make a little side bet with the next hand, Kasie—both surprised and excited—agrees.

What should have been JUST ONE NIGHT becomes so much more when Kasie returns to Santa Monica and learns that she's been specifically requested to lead the team on their new assignment; Mr. Robert Dade's company.  Her intentions had only been to flirt with a stranger, but thanks to Mr. Dade, Kasie has the most exciting sexual encounter of her life, and now she can see what she's missing in her relationship with Dave.  At the same time, Kasie is a little unnerved by the wild person that Robert brings out in her, and Dave represents security, safety and normality.  Working with Robert proves to Kasie that she can't quite stuff the adventurous part of herself back in the box.  Her night of wild sex has derailed Kasie's life in ways that are both bad and good, and it has forced her to look at the life she's living.

Originally released as three separate stories in e-book format, I've only summarized the first tale to avoid spoilers, because the books flow from one into another, and in this edition, it's more like reading a story in three parts than three separate novels.  Told from Kasie's point of view, readers see the confusion and fear that she deals with as she tries to figure out just what she really wants in her life, and as she goes from someone who always follows the rules to somebody who doesn't even recognize them anymore.  A sexy and intriguing story, don't miss JUST ONE NIGHT.

Jennifer Bishop