Cutter's Code , Book 3
Harlequin Romantic Suspense #1759
ISBN: 978-0-373-27829-9
July 2013
Series Romance

Seattle and Puget Sound, Washington - Present Day

Teague Johnson has worked at Foxworth long enough to know that when Cutter thinks somebody needs help, it's best to listen to the dog.  When Teague tries to pick Cutter up at the dog groomers, the dog not only refuses to leave, but does his best to nudge Teague towards the pretty woman.

Laney Adams is having a difficult time.  Her best friend, Amber, went out on a date with a man Laney knew of from a previous job, and Laney hasn't seen her since.  She's received a few odd texts from Amber, and Laney knows something's wrong, but the police aren't able to help, since there's the possibility that Amber went on a romantic vacation with the new man in her life.  Laney hadn't intended to tell Teague about her problems, but the dog has other ideas.

Teague, as well as Quinn Foxworth and his fiancée, Haley, believe that there's something a little off about Amber's texts. Foxworth Foundation takes on Laney's case and starts investigating what they are sure is Amber's disappearance.  As Laney helps Teague look into the information they are finding, the two grow closer, and pretty soon are having a hard time fighting the attraction between them.  Yet, Teague can't help but wonder whether it's him or the comfort he's offering during her crisis that has Laney interested in him.

Once again, Cutter finds a case for Foxworth Foundation, and brings two people together in the process, in OPERATION BLIND DATE.  Laney is frustrated that the police aren't able to do anything and struggles with the guilt that she didn't sense anything wrong with the man before telling Amber to go out with him.  As much a dog lover as she is, she's still a little surprised that first Teague, then Quinn, are willing to help her because a dog is insisting on it.  Of course, if they're willing to help her find Amber, Laney doesn't really care why.  Teague knows what it's like to have a person disappear with no trace, and once he realizes what has Laney so upset, he's going to help, no matter what.  The attraction he feels for Laney is a little surprising, and he fights it for as long as he can.

An engaging story, check out OPERATION BLIND DATE.

Jennifer Bishop