A-Tac Series , Book 5
ISBN: 978-0-446-58292-6
September 2011
Romantic Suspense

Redlands, California and New Orleans, Louisiana - Present Day

The first time Tucker Flynn sees Alexis Markham, she's arguing with an older man inside Weatherbees, a coffee shop in Tucker's home town of Redlands.  The leggy blond is easy on the eyes, and she is definitely not happy with her companion as they argue about something.  Apparently frustrated, she walks out of the coffee shop in a huff without listening to what the man is trying to tell her.  Not long after she's gone, Tucker sees the blinking red light under the old man's booth; in the next few seconds he yells for everyone to hit the deck, and Weatherbees blows up around him.  Having been on his cell phone with his brother Drake at the time of the explosion, discussing Drake's newly pregnant wife, Madeleine, there is no need for Tucker to call in reinforcements.  Drake and the covert black-op team, A-Tac, are on their way to California .

Meanwhile, Alexis is on the first plane back home to New Orleans .  She can't believe that George is dead.  He's the closest person to a father she's had for years, and he's been there ever since she lost her family, protecting her and advising her, even helping her secure a new identity and stay off the radar.  Alexis has been hiding and running all of her life.  Her father was once a scientist working for the government, developing new biochemical weapons.  And for that, he, her mother and brother, were blown to smithereens thirteen years ago.  Alexis should have been in the house when that bomb went off, but she'd snuck out to meet a boy.  But George was there to hold her as they watched the firemen put out the flames of what was left of her home.  And they ran.  As far as the public knows, Alexis died right along with her family that night in Colorado .

So it is time to disappear again.  Alexis heads home to New Orleans to grab her money and identifications, in another name, of course.  But the bad guys are waiting for her, and they ambush her after she enters her home.  Luckily, Tucker is there to save her, and together, they run.

Tucker Flynn is used to DEEP DISCLOSURE.  Now a retired operative, he's had his fair share of tumbles: time spent in a South American prison and the loss of his fiancée, Lena .  He knows what it's like to run, and he knows how it feels to leave his identity behind, so he volunteers his service to A-Tac again as a bodyguard for Alexis.  Of course, he shares none of this with the woman herself; as far as Alexis knows, Tucker is an old friend of George's who was sent to protect her.  He brings along Harrison Blake, an A-Tac computer guru, masquerading as another friend.

Meanwhile, someone is after Alexis, and it isn't clear whether or not they want to kill her or just capture her, and Tucker isn't taking any chances.  They flee the city with the bad guys on their tail, only to find another set of hoodlums chasing them in another city, and so it goes as they bounce around the country in search of clues.  Alexis thinks they might be after her father's biochemical weapons formula.  And unbeknownst to her, that is exactly what A-Tac is trying to prevent.  Someone has the formula, and until Tucker learns just who that is, he will protect Alexis and take down the other side if necessary.

DEEP DISCLOSURE is a fast paced and taut suspense with passion and excitement all wrapped up into one neat package.  The characters are dynamic, and the reader is able to become easily immersed in the story, even though it is the fifth book in the A-Tac Series .  I found several loose threads toward the end of the book, but I can't tell you which parts these are as it would give away the villains, who are coming at Tucker and Alexis from all angles.  That aside, DEEP DISCLOSURE is a great read!

Diana Risso