AN AMISH NOEL - Patricia Davids
The Amish Bachelors , Book 2
Harlequin  Love Inspired
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-71922-8
December 2015
Amish Inspirational Series Romance

Trenton, New Jersey - Present Day

Luke Bowman made some serious mistakes involving fast cars and drugswhen he was a teenager.  The lure of the Englisch world was too much for him to resist, and he was soon involved in activities that sent him to prison.  Now, he's out of prison and on parole, locked into staying at his family's farm until his parole is up and he's a free man.

Emma Swartzentruber takes care of her brothers and her stepfather since her mother's death some years ago, but now her stepfather is seriously ill.  The man is determined to see Emma married and her life stable before he dies.  A collector of odds and ends, mostly junk, Zachariah Swartzentruber has long dreamed of opening a hardware store, and now he sees that goal as a way to provide for Emma and the boys after he's gone.  He has also been seeking a husband for Emma and has an agreement with their neighbor, Wayne Hochstetler, a man who recently lost his wife and has a young daughter.  But even though he's just a few years older than Emma, Wayne is a staid and staunch Amish man, unforgiving and unbending in many of his beliefs.  And to complicate matters, Emma is still in love with Luke Bowman.  They would have married years ago if Luke had not let the lure of the Englisch world take him away.  Even though he's been home again for some time, Luke has yet to join the church, which gives Emma reasons to hide her true feelings.

Luke is still as much in love with Emma as she is with him, but how can these two people cross insurmountable barriers and find their way to each other?  Filled with wonderful characters, AN AMISH NOEL is the second novel in the Amish Bachelors series, preceded by AN AMISH HARVEST (June 2015).  Both books stand well alone.

AN AMISH NOEL is a story full of tough challenges for the characters.  Luke broke with the Amish code of ethics when he stepped outside the lines that forced him into the penalties of the Englisch world.  Now that he is back home, he is still coming to terms with his future and what he wants of his life.  He still loves Emma, and she loves him as well, but they have many obstacles to overcome before they can come to an understanding.  Other characters in the novel provide us with some wonderful back stories.

AN AMISH NOEL is a story of faith and everlasting love.

Diana Risso