Castles Ever After
ISBN: 978-0-06-224020-0
January 2015
Historical Fiction

England Eighteenth Century

For eight long years, Clio Whitmore has been engaged to Piers Brandon, Marquess of Granville. He decided upon their betrothal that she was too young to wed, and he had a career to build. It has gotten to be embarrassing for Clio who has come to the point where it's time for her to make a decision. She has inherited a lovely castle, and she is not going to wait any longer for Piers to return to England from his travels, and if he does, she will not be marrying him. First of all, however, she must get his brother, Rafe, to sign the dissolution paperwork for their betrothal, as he is Piers's representative in England. The problem is that Rafe, a notorious rake and a champion prize fighter, is not cooperating.

Rafe has distanced himself from both his family and society, choosing instead to make a lucrative living fist fighting professionally. His reasoning for this will be revealed. When Clio appears at his training facility waving papers for him to sign, though, he realizes that he must act responsibly and make sure she waits for and marries Piers. Even though having known Clio since childhood, he wishes he were refined enough for her himself. Rafe sets out to change Clio's mind by showing up at her castle armed with ideas to plan the perfect wedding.

Rafe is in for workout that has nothing to do with prize fighting! He has met his match with the stubborn, idealistic Clio, and he begins to realize this early upon his arrival at the castle. Stifling his feelings for her becomes more difficult with every passing day, and having her snobbish sister with her unimaginative husband arrive only makes things worse.

SAY YES TO THE MARQUESS is a delightful romp that is both entertaining and heartwarming. Clio has been embarrassed long enough, and she's not going to ruin the rest of her life by marrying someone who has made it perfectly clear that he doesn't care enough for her. Despite Rafe's rough exterior, Clio sees the deep hurt he is hiding. Secondary characters only add to the humor and poignancy of this sweet story.


Jani Brooks