WILD HORSES – B.J. Daniels
The Montana Hamiltons , Book 1
ISBN: 978-0-373-77956-7
March 2015
Contemporary Romance

Beartooth, Montana – Present Day

As one of the spoiled Hamilton daughters of Senator Buckmaster Hamilton, Livie is used to getting what she wants and feels she has snagged her biggest prize, ranch hand Cooper Barnett. They became engaged, but one night they had a huge fight that resulted in Livie throwing her ring back at Cooper and driving off into a snowstorm. She ended up sliding off the road, but what happened next is fuzzy. What she does know is she is now pregnant and unsure whether the father is Cooper…or a stranger who may have raped her. Telling Cooper will be hard, because he might not trust that she's telling the truth. But before they get married she must let him know…especially since she is now being blackmailed by the unknown man.

Cooper is a proud man, and only because he loves Livie does he put up with her overbearing father. Her stunning news that she is pregnant and that she blacked out and doesn't know if another man may be the father has him reeling. Did she have an illicit one night stand, or was she drugged and raped? Cooper plans to get to the bottom of it and, with Livie by his side, begins to investigate. Pieces of the puzzle continue to baffle them because it appears the man whom Livie met that night has a history of affairs with women and blackmail, but his identity remains hidden. As Livie's belly continues to grow with child, her family – including her five sisters – are further stunned to learn their long ago presumed dead mother, Sarah, literally shows up out of nowhere. Where has she been and why is she back? Can Livie and Cooper continue their path to marriage with the baby's paternity in doubt?

WILD HORSES is a tale with multiple storylines going on, but the main ones are about Livie and what happened that fateful January night, as well as the mystery of her mother. Cooper loves Livie and will do most anything for her, but even his faith is shattered when she reveals the details of that night and that she isn't sure who the father of the baby is.  Her father is about to announce a run for the presidency, and all her stepmother seems concerned about is doing whatever it takes to avoid bad publicity. For now, Livie isn't telling her father (or stepmother) what is going on, but even they can sense the tension between her and Cooper. Livie and her sisters are close, but they see Cooper as unsuitable for her since he is a roughneck cowboy. After all, they were raised to have men drool over them and treat them well, not force them to live out in the boonies in less than perfect comfort. Cooper has refused help from Buckmaster Hamilton and is building a home for Livie and him with his own hands.

But as their search for the mystery man continues, the more frustrated Livie and Cooper become. One lead ends in a dead end. Another fizzles out and proves nothing. Friends and family give them advice that only confuses them. Livie's designated bridesmaid, Delia Rollins, is in love with Cooper and would like to see the engagement end so she could have a chance with him. A man who once fancied Livie is back in town and makes it clear he wants to rekindle a romance that was only in his mind. Meanwhile, Livie's mother, Sarah, has no memories of where she's been in the twenty some years since she mysteriously disappeared. Buckmaster and his current wife are now at odds, especially when he admits he still has feelings of love for his first wife. What will happen to his presidential aspirations?

WILD HORSES is the first tale in The Montana Hamiltons , which centers on the six sisters. Livie is a middle child, but the first to find love. But will her dream of a happily-ever-after with Cooper come to a shattering end? A riveting tale with as many twists and turns as there are on a mountainous road, WILD HORSES reaches a climactic end that will have you gripping the edge of your seat.

Patti Fischer